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Trust      Respect      Unity      Excellence


Key Initiatives


'Simply put, inquiry is the personal path of questioning, investigating and reasoning that takes us from not knowing to knowing' (Ferlazzo & Boss, 2015). 

Inquiry at St Peter's is meaningful and allows for authentic inquiry projects which has nurtured our students passions, talents, curiosities and interests. Students have taken ownership over their own learning and to reach personal goals. We have integrated the TRUE Inquiry Cycle into each classroom, which has developed our own critical and creative thinking skills through the different stages of our inquiry cycle - Wonder, Investigate & Explain, Design & Create, Share and Reflect. To cater for each child’s individual passions, curiosities and interests, each classroom has created ‘wonder’ walls and/or journals to encourage students to ask questions beyond the inquiry project. Inquiry allows students to develop and strengthen their critical and creative thinking skills! 

Don’t forget – ‘Curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry and learning!’ 

1:1 iPad Program Years 4 - 6

St Peter's has implemented a 1:1 iPad learning program for Years 4-6. Year 4 students are supplied with a new iPad, managed by the school with all necessary apps and available for home use.

Providing the devices for home use can help to bridge the gap between school and home learning, allowing students to continue their learning outside of the classroom.


Students having access to iPads can offer several benefits, such as improved access to educational resources, develop digital literacy skills, enhanced collaboration and communication, personalised learning experiences, improved organistion, increased productivity and increased engagement in the learning process.

Here at St Peter's we use Microsoft Office 365 tools to teach, learn, lead, administer and collaborate and these are embedded in the teaching and learning practices of the school.


Overall, implementing a 1:1 iPad learning program for Years 4-6 can have many benefits for students and can help to prepare them for a digital future.

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Wellbeing Program

Over the past three years, a culture of wellbeing has been adopted across the school and benefits staff, students and the family community. It has had a considerable impact on the classroom environment, emotional literacy of the students and overall wellbeing of all members at St Peter’s Primary School.


The whole school wellness program equips students with the knowledge and strategies to tackle our increasingly challenging modern world and a number of  initiatives are run at the school to place the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of each staff member and student  as a priority.  

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