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Trust      Respect      Unity      Excellence


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Principal’s Welcome

We Inspire Students

Our core purpose as a school is to inspire our students to learn, achieve and to serve in truth. There is a striving to see beyond appearances to greater realities and true happiness. We are looking for each of our students to accept each challenge and complete each task successfully. As a school community, we are providing each of our children with an education that builds a platform for success. There are a wide range of quality educational opportunities that foster the spiritual, academic, physical and emotional/social development of our students. Specialist programs in Music, Physical Education, The Arts and Science enrich the curriculum that is delivered. Each student is known and cared for, and there is a recognition of each child’s unique qualities and abilities. The teaching and learning programs have an emphasis on deliberate and focused interventions for students. We cater for a diverse range of students with varying learning needs. There is a safe, caring and nurturing environment at St Peter’s that children can flourish in.

We Partner with Parents

We value the partnership we have with parents to foster a healthy pattern of development in our students. Parents are encouraged to participate and be involved in the life of the school through class programs, canteen, sport and the Parents and Friends Association. St Peter’s benefits from the generous contribution of parents to school activities and St Peter’s is known for its strong and enduring community spirit.

It is the lived experience of the members of the St Peter’s community that gives it an outstanding reputation for the quality of the education environment that has been created and maintained at the school. I commend our website to you and welcome you to the St Peter’s community.

Courtney Caputi, Principal

Principal's Welcome

About St Peter's

About Us


St Peter’s is a

co-educational primary school located in the Bedford/Inglewood area of Perth. The school has 750 students from

Pre Kindy to Year 6

School Profile


St Peter’s School derives its strength from truth and honesty with God and one another


In the early 1920’s Archbishop Clune was approached in regards to the establishment of a Dominican Foundation in Perth


As we strive to help the school fulfill its educational responsibilities in accordance with the constitution, policies, guidelines and practices of CECWA


St Peter’s Parents and Friends Association is focused on nurturing a strong community spirit by encouraging and supporting parental involvement


We are wholeherted in our efforts to assist our Parish to form in Christ a Catholic faith community guided by the Holy Spirit

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