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Science at St Peter's is taught following the guidelines of the Western Australian Curriculum. This subject provides opportunities to experience the joy of scientific discovery and nurtures students’ natural curiosity about the world around them. Our students develop critical and creative thinking skills, and challenge themselves to identify questions and draw evidence-based conclusions using scientific methods. Students explore and determine ways to understand our world under the overarching concepts of:

  • Biological Science;

  • Chemical Science;

  • Earth and Space Science; and

  • Physical Sciences.

Students develop an understanding of the following:

  • important science concepts and processes;

  • the practices used to develop scientific knowledge;

  • the contribution of science to our culture and in our society; and

  • the applications of science in our lives.

Specialist Programs


St Peter’s offers a diverse and comprehensive program of music from Pre Primary to Year 6. The classroom program follows the guidelines of the Western Australian Curriculum with a keen focus on vocal, aural, and instrumental skills using a sequential, play-based approach. Composition and improvisation are also encouraged. The music program utilises Kodaly methodology, Orff Schulwerk and Musical Futures pedagogy and includes:

  • Recorder in Year 3.

  • Ukulele in Year 4.

  • Keyboard and Guitar in Year 5.

  • Bass Guitar and Drum-kit in Year 6.

Students may also choose to participate in our award-winning Choir, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, and Instrumental Program. Instruments on offer include:

  • Classical Guitar

  • Flute

  • Clarinet

  • Trumpet, Trombone, and Baritone

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Dance and Drama

We are excited to introduce Dance and Drama as a new specialist class this year! It is designed as an inclusive class for all students to develop new skills through the areas of Drama and Dance. This specialist area lends itself for all students to grow creatively, cooperatively and in confidence. In Dance and Drama lessons, students will participate in meaningful and engaging experiences that support development of problem solving and critical thinking.

Physical Education

Students at St Peter’s participate in Physical Education lessons. The lessons teach the skills to be physically active within the school and outer school community.
Primary - Year Two students learn fundamental movement skills. Students perform these skills in minor game play. 
Year Three - Six students combine fundamental movement skills with learning sport specific strategies. Students practise these skills in modified games.
Students learn how to participate in an ethically and fair competitive sporting environment by participating in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletic Carnivals.  



Italian at St Peter’s allows students to be exposed to both the language and culture.

Students learn by taking part in a variety of fun language games as well as in activities to broaden their Italian vocabulary knowledge.

Every year, St Peter’s hosts ‘Italian Week!’ This wonderful experience allows both students and staff to sample Italian food and participate in Italian craft activities.

Year 5 and 6 students enjoy being given the opportunity to take part in an Italian regional and restaurant Expo. Research and creativity are key components when learning a language!

Visual Arts

Participating in our Visual Arts Program allows students at    St Peter's the opportunity to experience and explore the concepts of artists, artwork, and audience.


Students experiment with ways of expressing ideas and communicating using a range of media. Two- and three-dimensional media and techniques such as drawing, painting, printing, pottery, printing, and collage are developed in weekly sessions.


Connections are made to local, national, and international artists as students discover the importance of art in the world around us. They are encouraged to draw on what they know and to develop and practice their skills in a safe space where individuality and creativity are celebrated.

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