Parents and Friends

The St Peter’s Parents and Friends Association is focused on nurturing a strong community spirit by encouraging and supporting parental involvement in social, educational and fundraising activities initiated on behalf of the children attending St Peter’s Primary School.


The Aims of the Association are to:

  • Act as liaison between the wider school community, and the governing bodies of the school.
  • Organise activities to further develop the educational, sporting, social and spiritual growth of the St Peter’s Primary School Community.
  • Foster parental involvement through a range of social, school and Parish activities.
  • Organise guest speakers for the Association on current and suggested educational programmes, faith development and other matters of interest.
  • Raise funds for the further development of the St Peter’s Primary School community.

What We Do

  • Engage the class representative network to receive feedback from parents about issues of concern.
  • Provide funding to support the educational, religious and social aims of the school.
  • Support our students financially by providing annual scholarships.
  • Recognise and encourage the support given by parents to our school community.

P&F Association Membership

Any parent or guardian of a child attending or enrolled at St Peter’s Primary School who supports the aims of the Association (Including a staff member who is a parent of an enrolled child) is classified as a member.
The Parish Priest and the School Principal (or their nominated representatives), all members of the teaching staff and life members; are ex-officio members of the Association.

St Peter’s Parent and Friends Executive Committee 2022

St Peter’s P&F –

President: Renee Bennett  0411 105 569

Vice President:  Marieka Rendall

Secretary: Suzanne Gallagher

Treasurer: Marieka Rendall

General Executive Member: Natasha Dowson

General Executive Member: Nerida Aitken

General Member: Dave Dawes

Meeting Details

All members are welcome to attend the P&F Meetings. Meetings will be held once a term.
The monthly General Meeting Agenda is available on the P&F webpage before each meeting and via the school SMS.
To submit an agenda item or provide feedback, please call 0411 105 569 minimum 2 days before the next scheduled meeting.

When –
22nd February
17th May
16th August
18th October
22nd November SAC and P&F AGM 2022 – 5.30pm Sundowner and 6.30pm – AGM

Where – School Staffroom

Time – 7pm – (Meeting length between 30-60 minutes depending on Agenda)

Need to get in touch with the P&F – please email the relevant committee:


The role of the P&F class rep is to:

  • Attend P&F meetings to represent the views of class parents
  • Communicate meeting outcomes back to the class parents
  • Welcome new families to the school
  • Help organise and promote social and fundraising events for the wider school, year or class

Click below to access the Class Reps Information.

2022 P&F Reps

KB – Nikki Maltese
KM – Stefani Clavey & Suzanne Nidd
KW – Crystal Ledger
PPB – Beth Nguyen & Stephen Paulle
PPM – Clare Zekas
PPW – Emma Restifo & Bronagh Phelan
1B – Claire Perlini & Kayleen Eastman
1M – Tracy Dragojevich & Jennifer Robertson
1W – Jemma Jury
2B – Claudine Princi
2M – Nikki Maltese & Clare Zekas
2W – Joy Gilsenan & Nicole Harbison & Melanie Jones
3B – Iris Belliot & Tina Reardon
3M – Claire Perlini & Sarah Fandry
3W – Ria Wernicke & Marjeanne Wilkins
4B – Leigh Thomas
4M – Genelle Ruehland, Melissa Armstrong & Matylda Thomas
4W – Kelly Matusik
5B – Kylie O’Driscoll
5M – Slavica Ciffolilli, Kylie Italiano & Amanda Cox
5W – Catherine Grindley & Betti Radford
6B – Louise James & Lysette Hunter
6M – Lyndal Trott & Jo Aleksoski
6W – Drew Ridley

The P&F offers annual Scholarships each school year.

Applications open in October.

Please click below to access the St Peter’s P&F Constitution.

St Peters Primary School PF Constitution 27.11.18