Due to staff and parent feedback, we have reviewed our process for ordering stationery for the beginning of the school year, and for 2022 we are excited to trial a bulk stationery order. All stationery items required for this year will be bulk purchased through the school and this will be included on the 2022 school fees.
St Peter’s will purchase all the necessary items in bulk as a back-to-school requirement for each student. This option allows our school to order high-quality items in bulk at exceptionally competitive prices. All stationery items will be delivered to each specific classroom. We envisage this new initiative saving you time, money, and resources.

From the uniform shop, our Kindy parents are required to purchase:
• Library Bag
• Homework Bag

Each year your child/ren will be required to retain:
• Library Bag (Purchased in Kindy from the Uniform Shop)
• Homework Bag (Purchased in Kindy from the Uniform Shop)
• Art Shirt (Supplied in the Year One Bulk Order)
• Headphones (Supplied in the Pre Primary Bulk Order)