St Peter’s Dads Information Evening – Friday 30 July

St Peter’s Dads will be holding a free information evening on Friday 30 July at 7:15pm in the St Peter’s staff room with guest speaker Rory Murray from the Fathering Project.
The information evening is open to all dads, father figures or parents that would like to know more about the key role that fathering figures play in the lives of young children.
Rory Murray from the Fathering Project will share some insights into the great work that the Fathering Project is doing to promote and improve the role of fathering across Australia.
The session will also give you a look at the future activities that St Peter’s Dads will be organising for the rest of the year and how you and your kids can get involved.
To register your interest and ensure that we have sufficient catering (beer, wine and pizza provided), please register your interest Dads Information Evening