Two weeks ago, the Concert Band delivered a powerhouse performance of two arrangements.

The first, called El Pato Loco, is about a crazy duck and is full of latin rhythms and was lots of fun to learn. It is a dedication to all the wonderful, wayward, web-footed waterfowl that wander aimlessly through picnic areas in local parks, vying for attention and free food.

The second piece in our program was Ghosts in the Graveyardwhich is one of our favourite band pieces. It featured some novelty instruments in the percussion section and included spooky sounds of ghosts and ghouls creeping around the graveyard.

A very special thank you to Mr Parry for preparing the woodwind and brass children so thoroughly. Thanks also to Mrs Allen for her help and support.

This week, we’ve enjoyed some amazing performances from our guitarists playing both solos and duets. The adjudicator complimented our students on their solid sense of rhythm and time.