Please congratulate the following children who have won awards for their
Guitar solo and duet performances at the Performing Arts Festival:


Charli Maroni 6B & Niamh Taylor 6W – duet
Siena Marchesi 6B – solo
Talia Collins 6W & Siena Marchesi 6B
Isla Fricker 5M – solo
Isla Fricker 5M & Patrick Hernest 5W – duet


Luke Antenucci 4B
Jack Connell 4W
Ethan Vlahos 5B
Thomas Gough 5M & Aidan Condo 5M – duet
Abbey Blagg 6W & Isla Fricker 5M
Patrick Hernest 5W
Charli Maroni 6B
Abbey Blagg 6W
Talia Collins 6W
Talia Collins 6W & Abbey Blagg 6W

Congratulations to Daniel Tan 4B who received an Outstanding Award for his Guitar Solo Performance.