Newsletter – Thursday 1 April 2021

Message from the Principal

 I open my life to your Resurrection Power!
Conquer my lifeless world. Raise up all that is dead and empty within me.
Let me break out of my tomb of selfishness and pride today.
Let me live each beautiful day with You, in You, and for You…
Forever, Amen.

Dear Parents and Guardians

HOLY WEEK – Our Year 5 class led our whole school in an Easter Story Reflection on Wednesday. This community reflection combined, with the myriad of activities within the classrooms, prepared our students throughout Holy Week. The Year Five students were outstanding in their reverent portrayal of the Stations of the Cross. They were beautifully supported by our Year 6 leaders who led the liturgical dance. We appreciated Father Jeronimo joining us for this reflection and he reminded us of the many opportunities to participate in the Parish over the Easter period. My sincere appreciation to the many parents who joined us for this event.

PICNIC ON THE GREEN – My sincere gratitude to the P&F and the coordinators of this event Renae Bennett and Mel O’Brien. We had an outstanding response with over 500 in attendance. The photographs reflect the enjoyment and fun had by all in attendance. Well done to our P&F for coordinating this community raising event. The vibrancy and connectedness of our community were certainly on display. I also wish to acknowledge the commitment of our amazing staff who joined in with this community event.

SWIMMING CARNIVAL – Our students from Years 4-6 enjoyed putting their swimming skills into action, as they supported their faction team members, in achieving their personal best at our carnival today. Our students participated in a spirit of encouragement and goodwill. It is great to be able to see our swimmers flourish, push others outside their comfort zone, where we grow considerably, and build great school spirit and pride. I have been extremely impressed by the number of children who took up the opportunity to participate in the early morning swim training. This requires support by our wonderful St Peter’s parents and is a real credit to your encouragement of your children.
Thank you to Miss Miles for her work in coordinating this, extra- curricular event, which the children and parents thoroughly enjoyed. I extend my sincere thanks to staff and parents for volunteering to support the many jobs that need to be done on the day. The day was another example of our community working together for the benefit of our amazing students.
I wish our Interschool swimmers all the very best with the coming competition. I know the students will represent our school with pride.

PARENT AND TEACHER DISCUSSIONS – During the past few weeks, parents have had the chance to catch up with class teachers and discuss individual student progress so far. This is viewed as an important opportunity which well supports the education partnership that we believe to be a vital component to student success. Once again, where parents and carers are unable to avail themselves over the time scheduled, I would encourage you to organise a more mutually convenient time with your child’s class teacher.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision…
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

HAPPY EASTER – Please take care over the Easter and school holiday break. Take the opportunities that arise that allow you to stop and reflect on the Easter season. Easter is all about thinking of others before self. If there is one thing you do, unleash the love of Mary MacKillop in service of those you love. Find some time for yourself to rest. Remember, you cannot keep giving endlessly, you do need to refuel and replenish your energy and spirit.
God bless you and your family always. Jesus will give you a nudge when you need it, just ask him for guidance, and he will take super care of you. Easter blessings to you all.

As this is the final newsletter for the term, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing support and involvement throughout Term One. We are a blessed community in which we all strive to create a positive learning environment for our students. I thank and congratulate our dedicated St Peter’s staff who have worked hard for the students in their care. Please enjoy this precious time with your children over the Easter and holiday break.
A friend shared this joke with me recently, when life with two children was hitting its peak, and I thought it timely to share. I hope this break from the routines of school is a time of relaxation and fun. We will see you back refreshed and ready to go on Monday 19th April in full winter uniform.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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