Newsletter – Friday 9 December 2022

Message from the Principal

May God’s blessing go with us today, At the end of this school year we pray.
That you keep us safe and give us rest So we start again renewed and refreshed.
Full of health, full of fun Ready to come and learn again.
May God’s blessing go with us today, As we begin our school holiday.
Give your peace and your joy, To every girl and every boy.
Help the teachers to enjoy the break, and prepare and plan for the new intake.
May God’s blessings await us next year,
To embrace each new challenge without fear.
Fill this school with your love, and guide our hearts from above.
Full of faith, full of hope, full of joy, and full of love.

Dear Parents and Guardians

Looking back on the 2022 school year, we can again be proud of the great impact our efforts have had on the lives of students at St Peter’s as well as the broader community we serve. Despite the challenges our school community faced after COVID-19, restrictions were lifted early in the year. It was the welcoming spirit at the heart of St Peter’s, the expertise, and dedication of staff, and our shared Gospel values that will be recalled as a hallmark of the year now past.
I am grateful for the perseverance of our teachers, students and parents who have continued to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning. I also thank our school leadership team and all staff in our administration for ensuring our school remained constant in its mission to be an inclusive and an outstanding learning environment.

ADVENT – Last weekend, we commenced the Liturgical season of Advent. Advent comes from the Latin word meaning ‘coming’ and during this period we prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus. Advent is a time to reach out to others in the Spirit of love and share what we have been given. Advent is a time to remember all that God has done. During this time, families start preparing for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP 2023 – Our Year Five children recently participated in the election process for Ministries in 2023. I was extremely impressed with their online election promotions. Obviously, not all students are successful in their attempts for specific ministries, but every child has opportunities for leadership within a ministry. This is part of the learning attached to such opportunities. We build resilience by how we learn to handle outcomes and events in childhood. Building resilience is aimed at giving children skills to face more difficulties and challenges later in life, to help to even the playing field. Each of us must learn how to handle the outcomes of events that happen throughout life. We build upon these skills, and this builds resilience. Many studies abound about our young adults lacking in the skills to handle life’s setback. This is a concerning trend in society. One of the reasons schools undertake such leadership programmes is for building resilience and setting up our boys and girls for success later in life, when disappointment and struggles will occur. The building blocks and scaffolding laid in childhood set the children up for success as they navigate the world as adults. I commend all the boys and girls who put their hands up for a leadership position. I look forward to seeing the outcome of the voting procedure and look forward to our new leaders’ contributions to developing the vision and core values of our school.

PAF CONCERT – Our Performing Arts Concert was held in our new library space last Thursday. The event was a feast for the senses as our students and their performances were on show. Thank you to Mrs Marina Powell for co-ordinating the event and sharing her passion for music with our students. A huge thank you also to our music tutors; Caitlyn Malcolm, Oliver Stark, Jasmin Hardie and Aaron Deacon. The event can be summed up in the positive feedback from a parent below:
“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Concert this afternoon. You and the children did a fantastic job and it was a delight and privilege to be there.
I loved the venue, the backdrop of balloons and fairy lights were stunning and the costuming was simple but effective.
It has been a pleasure to have both my girls be part of the music program at St Peter’s and we all have the loveliest memories of their time with the concert band, and of you. Thank you for nurturing them with your love, passion and enthusiasm for music.”

CHRISTMAS CONCERT – The Christmas cheer was alive and well at the St Peter’s Christmas Concert last Friday. Your support was greatly appreciated, and our students and staff definitely put on a fabulous performance. Thank you to the parents who took the time to provide us with positive feedback. It was delightful to receive good news such as:
“Our whole family were delighted to see the fun and excitement of our children. The staff were a wonderful example of unity and Christmas joy. Thank you once again St Peter’s!’

GRADUATION CEREMONY – In consultation with the Year 6 parents, our Graduation Ceremony for 2022 was changed to a daytime Mass followed by a family Morning Tea and Year 6 Graduate lunch at a local Café. The day was a resounding success with positive feedback from the students and their families. The theme of the day was, ‘Rise Up’ and our leavers were encouraged to be as God has called them to be – a source of light for those who will meet them along their life journey.

BOOKLISTS – As per last year, the Kindy to Year Six booklists have been ordered in bulk and all items will be dispatched directly to the school in mid-January 2023.

2022 STUDENT REPORTS – Student reports for 2022 were made available electronically through SEQTA on Wednesday 7th December.

YEAR 6 REPORTS AND STUDENTS NOT RETURNING TO ST PETER’S – A reminder to parents of Year 6 students and those NOT returning in 2023 to please download copies of any reports you require from SEQTA Engage, as when the end of year student processes are completed on Saturday 31st December, you will no longer be able to gain access to their reports. We strongly encourage parents to access and download your child’s report as soon as it is available.

STAFF FAREWELLS – I sincerely thank the staff who are leaving us this year for their dedicated service to the St Peter’s community. On behalf of us all, we wish them every success in their new ventures. We acknowledged these staff at our AGM, in this newsletter and will also have a special presentation for them on Thursday 15th December.

STAFFING – Kerry Morcombe will take LSL in Term One 2023 and we welcome Kerry Brown from CEWA whilst Kerry is away.
We recently advised the community at our Annual General Meeting that our Year 5 teaching team included Miss Kendall Rowley. Kendall was recently offered a permanent contract at her current school and has accepted this contract. Therefore, at Transition Day this week, our 5W class were able to meet their new teacher, Mr Conor Hunter. Conor is currently teaching at Good Shepherd Catholic School in Lockridge and is very excited to be joining the St Peter’s team. The Year 5W class thoroughly enjoyed their day of getting to know their teacher and the many exciting activities he had planned for them. Welcome Mr Hunter!

ADMINISTRATION OFFICE – The School Administration will be closed at 3pm on Wednesday 14th December 2022 and will re-open at 8am on Monday 23rd January 2023. School Administration and school grounds will be closed on Monday 30th January and Tuesday 31st January 2023 due to Staff Professional Development.
In 2023, there will be no need to factor in Stationery Drop off as all of this is now managed by the school. We hope that this assists family in a stress-free start to the school year.

THANK YOU – It is my heartfelt privilege to have served as the Principal of St Peter’s for the past four years. I sincerely believe that our school environment, that is collaborative and draws on the strength of all stakeholders, fosters a positive school climate that makes a difference in the lives of all our students at St Peter’s. As I embark on my new role at CEWA for two years, as a School Improvement Advisor, I know I will very much miss this great community.
I express my deep thanks to all within our school community for your warm and supportive contributions to the success of our school. To our School Advisory Council and dedicated Parents and Friends goes my sincere gratitude for your astute counsel, ready assistance, and unfailing support in striving to meet our school’s goals for the children. Your efforts to continuously improve the school’s facilities and equipment are truly appreciated.
My gratitude and thanks also to Father Jeronimo Flamenco Castilo and Mrs Marina Tassone for your spiritual stewardship of our students and all in the Parish is truly remarkable. Our wonderful Parish has worked alongside us in supporting initiatives to resource those needing support locally and overseas.

P&F 2023 – I welcome the 2023 P&F Committee as follows:

President: Renee Bennett
Vice President: Marieka Rendall
Treasurer: Steven Catania
Secretary: Suz Gallagher
General Member: Dave Dawes
General Member: Joanne Aleksoski

YEAR 6 FAREWELL – The end of a school year always comes with mixed emotions as we farewell our graduating class of Year Six students. All our Year Six students are to be congratulated on the mature way they have conducted themselves as leaders this year and for their high level of academic achievements and sporting pursuits. All the leadership committees have fulfilled their roles with great diligence and determination. The way in which the students have facilitated assemblies along with their ability to highlight the core values and sharing how they can be enlivened in our school community through their leadership ministries has been excellent. We say farewell to our Year Six students, and we wish them the very best as they enter secondary education. To those families who will be leaving our school this year, we wish you the very best and thank you for your involvement and support in all our endeavours throughout the years.

In this season of Advent, and as we prepare for the joyous celebration of Christmas, may you and your loved ones receive the blessings of peace, joy, hope and love. For those spending time with loved ones from out of state or overseas, this will be a particularly special Christmas after a period of being apart. With the familiar sounds of friends and family gathered together, we are reminded of the timeless blessing of the good news of the coming of Jesus Christ.
I wish you all a blessed Christmas and Mrs Caputi and her team look forward to welcoming our students back in the new year, on Wednesday 1st February 2023, as we continue our mission to deliver Christ-centred and child-focused education at St Peter’s.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson

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