Newsletter – Friday 9 August 2019

Message from the Principal

God of all blessings
You revealed in Mary MacKillop a woman sensitive to the rights and dignity of every person,
regardless of gender, race or creed.
Help us to value each person.
Help us to respect different cultures, faith and peoples.
May we learn from Mary MacKillop and be confident that you care for us.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

ST MARY OF THE CROSS – This week, we celebrated St Mary of the Cross. It is timely that we remember how Mary MacKillop went about her work within her communities. It is good for us to be reminded about her spirit of compassion, generosity and kindness. Mary MacKillop had an understanding that kindness crossed all barriers and lessened all differences. This is for me the core to how she lived her life. Mary MacKillop walked her talk, and therefore we are blessed to be within a community that flourishes in this gift. Mary left us the following thought to hold with us each day in our lives as a reminder of this goodness we all have within us. It is a big ask to do the following.

Let God’s glory absorb
your thoughts,
deliberations and actions
Mary MacKillop – 1904

Imagine striving for this in our thinking. Take time to look at these three lines and see if it makes a difference for you in your thinking and in the way, you respond to others. It is impossible to keep to this in every minute of every day, but if we can chip away at it steadily, it will become a natural part of the community within which we work and live and play.
I am blessed to witness at St Peter’s so many acts of Mary MacKillop in the actions of our children, staff and parents. It is the number of smiles and good mornings you see and receive from our students, the way the staff respond and deal with our students and parents and the way parents pitch in to help others. It really is amazing what you discover when you look for it.
We are blessed with compassionate and understanding people in our midst. This takes work and is a true credit to every person who walks in our gates. We all have this responsibility to care for each other and demonstrate ‘TRUE’ in all we say and do.

THE BISHOPS’ RELIGIOUS LITERACY ASSESSMENT – The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment in Years 3 and 5 took place this week. Formal school and student reports are produced by the Catholic Education Office and will become available to schools in Term Four. If you have any queries, please see your classroom teacher or Mr Brennan.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – I thank our families for supporting their children in the Parish based sacramental program. Your commitment to the workshops is recognised and appreciated.

INTERSCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY – We were blessed with magnificent weather for the carnival. Competitors all worked hard to produce their personal best and the St Peter’s Community was out in full force supporting the team. I was extremely impressed by the way the students represented our school. They did not leave anything left in the ‘fuel tank’ as they sprinted for the finishing line. They supported one another and congratulated each other on their efforts for the team. I extend my sincere thanks to Miss Miles for preparing our students for the event. Please see further along in the newsletter for more information / results from Miss Miles.

BOOK WEEK – Excitement is building for our Book Week celebrations next week. The leadership team is busy planning costumes for the Friday parade and showing off its Super Powers!

CHINESE STUDENTS – This week, we bid farewell to our first group of Chinese students. We have enjoyed their company and wish them well on a safe return home. At assembly today, we acknowledged their contribution to our community with a Merit Award and a thank you.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Roald Dahl –
“I began to realise how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.”
At St Peter’s, we are encouraging our children to do everything with their whole hearts. We’re teaching them that they don’t have to be the best, that bringing enthusiasm to what they do, can leave them with a deep sense of satisfaction and an end result that they feel good about themselves.
I wish you all a safe and happy weekend in which we put aside LUKEWARM and strive to achieve WHOLEHEARTEDNESS.

Ciao and keep smiling!

Pina Hutcheson


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