Newsletter – Friday 8 March 2019

Message from the Principal

Lord, it feels like we are embarking
on a Lenten journey together, you and I.
The beautiful words in the today’s prayer talk about
the “quiet remembrance of our need for redemption.”
That feels like what I am looking for –
or what you are looking for in me.
I want to remember how much I need you in my life
and how much my life needs redemption.
I want to remember it clearly and
in the background of my day today
and all through Lent.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

WELCOME BARBECUE: I sincerely thank the P&F for their outstanding efforts at the Welcome Barbecue. A wonderful afternoon where the students had a ball and the families came together to celebrate this great community. The school has issued Certificates of Appreciation to the organisers; Linda Costarella, Kristy Olszewski and
Alison Rawson as an acknowledgement of their commitment to UNITY.

DOGS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS: It is important for families to be aware that our CEWA system has strict OHS rules around dogs on school grounds. Only Therapy and Guide Dogs and are allowed to be on the school grounds. Signage will soon be placed around the school clearly indicating that there are to be no dogs on St Peter’s school grounds. As per our Code of Conduct, it is important that all parents, abide by this safety procedure.

PARKING AROUND THE SCHOOL: It is disappointing to receive feedback from a neighbour on Wood Street that they were unable to exit their home due to a St Peter’s parent parking in their driveway. It is important that as parents, we model the courtesies we expect from our children. I look forward to your support regarding this matter. You may even consider riding to school as an option!

TESTING: Currently our class teachers are conducting testing in Mathematics, Reading and Spelling. This testing assists teachers in designing individualised learning programs to meet the diverse needs within their class. These groupings are data informed and fluid in nature. The important focus for parents is to support their children with where they are currently at and to encourage a commitment to our core value of “Excellence” as they work to achieve their best.

WORKING WITH CHILDREN CARDS: Any volunteers, other than parents or guardians, who intend to help out in the classroom, are required to have a WWC card (this includes Grandparents and other family relatives).

CLASS VISITS: This fortnight in the classrooms I have been congratulated on reaching a milestone birthday. Some Pre Primary children had doubled my age to 100 and a few kind souls thought I was 18. I also learnt that Nonnas are good to look after you whilst your parents are in Bali (because parents need a break from the kids), scooters are easy to ride but tricky on jumps and the bank gives you money to buy a new house. I had fun manipulating play dough to make the longest piece possible. These bright sparks decided it would be a good idea to make an enormous rectangle. These photographs demonstrate why I have the best job in the world!

FAMILY ZONE: I thank the parents who attended the workshop on Wednesday night. There were some great questions asked as parents work to ensure the best use of the program. We look forward to working with our parents to educate and support, as we ensure the safety of our students, online. We plan to continue the conversation throughout the year as well as develop shared language and approach in safe guarding our children at school and home.

ASH WEDNESDAY: Thank you to Father Jeronimo for celebrating the Ash Wednesday Mass at our school. Ash Wednesday is one of the most important holy days in the Liturgical calendar. This special day opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday. It comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolise the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person’s forehead, he speaks the words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” We were delighted to have so many parents and grandparents join us for this Eucharistic celebration.

CONFIRMATION SACRAMENTAL MEETING: Thank you to the families who attended the meeting on Wednesday evening. Your support of your child’s faith journey is truly appreciated. Father Jeronimo looks forward to each student making a dove which they have designed with their name on it. He will hang them from a wire from the choir balcony all the way to the altar. He truly wants this Sacrament to be a focus on the students and their faith development.

COMMISSIONING OF THE BOARD AND PARISH COUNCIL: At a recent Parish Mass, these two committees joined Father Jeronimo to celebrate a Eucharistic celebration and commit to serving the St Peter’s community with love and humility.

CARTER FAMILY: It saddens me to be the bearer of such sad news, but Jared Carter, father of Ethan (4M), passed away on Saturday morning. The family is devastated, but well supported with the knowledge that Jared is no longer in pain. Heaven now has another angel.
Mr Hamilton-Browne is ensuring the wellbeing of Ethan and we, as a school community, will continue to provide him with a supportive environment. The Year 4 students came together on Tuesday morning at Mass where we were able to acknowledge Jared’s passing and to pray for the family.
Kylie Carter will now put Jared to rest in a ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, surrounded by family, and close friends. I ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief. Ethan will be looked after by his cousins, and Mr Hamilton-Browne and I will represent the St Peter’s school community with our attendance at the funeral.
Please offer your prayers as a sign of your concern and care for the Carter family.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson