Newsletter – Friday 7 September 2018

Message from the Principal

Lord Jesus Christ

In the Sacrament of Eucharist, you left us the outstanding manifestation of your limitless love for us.
Inspire me to carry to others Your message of love, care and forgiveness.


Dear Parents

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – Over the next two weekends, our Year Four children will receive the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time. When a young person receives First Holy Communion, it is a big occasion for them and their families. The children are joining the rest of the faith community at the table of God’s family. In the Eucharist we have Jesus, we have His sacrifice, we have His resurrection and we have the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the children receiving their First Holy Communion, I pray that they will experience the promise of Christ in a unique way.
I thank Chris Neville, Fr Jeronimo, Paul Brennan and the Year 4 teaching team for the great work they have done in partnership with the parents to prepare the children for the special day. I emphasise that through instruction and example, particularly from parents, the children are prepared to experience the presence of Christ. Unless children sense our faith, they will not absorb faith in their lives.

RECONCILIATION – The Year 3 children will celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time next week on Tuesday 11 September and Wednesday 12 September evening. We pray that through Reconciliation the children will experience a sense of peace from admitting things they are sorry for, saying sorry and hearing the words of forgiveness. I once again thank the Parish and school teams for the work that has been done in partnership with the families to prepare the children for the celebration of the Sacrament.

LEARNING JOURNEYS – A reminder we have the Learning Journey Tour for Kindy – Year 6 students on Monday 10 September. The students from Kindy will finish at 12.30pm and the Pre Primary to Year 6 students will finish at 12.40pm on this day.
Please ensure you keep the ‘pick up’ zones free as the usual arrangements that we have for the pick up at the end of each school day will apply for the early pick up.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL – The Faction Field Events Carnival will be held on Thursday 13 September at both Grand Promenade Reserve and the School Oval.
The 2018 St Peter’s Athletics Carnival for Years 1- 6 will be held at the Noranda Athletics Track (behind the Noranda Shopping Centre) on Thursday 20 September.
Parents, please arrange to have your child dropped off at Noranda Athletics Track at 8.30am for a 9am start on Thursday 20 September. (No child from Years 1-6 should be sent to St Peter’s School).
Children can be collected from Noranda at 2:45pm at the conclusion of the carnival. If you have children to be collected from Pre-Primary, the teachers will be supervising them until your arrival.
In the morning session, Years 4-6 students will be running while Years 1-3 students will be playing ball games.
After lunch, Years 1-3 students will be running while Years 4-6 students will play ball games.
Everyone will come together at the end for the relays followed by presentations.
Good luck to all our students and hoping for a wonderful day!

PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL – Our St Peter’s Concert Band have been invited to perform at the Final Concert for the Performing Arts Festival at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday 10 September at 7pm. This is a wonderful opportunity for our band members and a great reflection of their practice, commitment and developing music skills. A special thank you to Marina Powell and the music tutors for the preparation of the students.

God Bless

Greg Ward