Newsletter – Friday 7 December 2018

Message from the Principal

Jesus you have come to us as a small child
but you have brought us the gift of eternal love.
Awaken in us a sense of your nearness and
bring to us a fresh sense of your love,
when you come among us as the Christ child.
We ask for your blessing on our St Peter’s families.
As we celebrate your birth
may we reach out to others with generosity, compassion and love.
May the grace that encircled the Holy family widen to embrace all families.

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

2018 – As we arrive at the end of the 2018 school year, I am grateful for the special moments that have been shared, the adventure we have experienced, the challenges we have met and the presents we have unwrapped. As a staff team, it is a delight and a special privilege in partnership with our St Peter’s families to be part of the growth and development of each of our St Peter’s students.
For those families closing the St Peter’s chapter as your youngest child leaves the school (40 families who have children graduating from Year 6) or where life is taking your family in new directions, I thank you for the contribution you have made to our school community. So many of you have been living gold as you have shared your gifts and goodwill.

YEAR 6 2018 We celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving with our Year 6 students and their families on Tuesday evening. Those involved in organising the Mass and the supper were acknowledged last week but I thank them once again for making this event such a wonderful celebration. A special thanks also goes to David Perlini, from Insight Electrical Technology, who donated all the amazing lights on the night. Perseverance and resolve have been a hallmark of the collective character of our Year 6s and I wish them all the belief, WIT and GRIT needed to have well-being and success in the future.

FINAL DAY 2018 – At the Mass today, we gave thanks for the school year we have shared together and we were able to reflect upon the achievements, the joys, the surprises, the sad moments, the disappointments and the inspiration of our experiences.
Through the items that were presented by our students at the concert that followed the Mass, the Christmas spirit was brought alive. There was also a showcasing of some of the wonderful music talents of our St Peter’s students. I thank Marina Powell for co-ordinating the concert program and the staff and students for the work that went into preparing the items.
I congratulate the students and community members who received awards and scholarships at the assembly to conclude the day. A list of recipients has been published as a post on our website.
We are blessed at St Peter’s to have a highly dedicated, professional and committed staff team who cater for the needs of our students. The collective capacity and generosity of our wonderful staff is reflected in the success, growth and achievements of our students. To our staff who are leaving, I thank them for their contribution to the St Peter’s community. I make special mention of Judy Kelly who is retiring after 44 years as a teacher in ten schools across two continents. We pay tribute to Judy for the teaching gifts she has shared with St Peter’s for the last nine years and the amazing job she has done to inspire, nurture, guide and make a difference to generations of students.

ST VINCENT DE PAUL CHRISTMAS APPEAL – A big thank you to our St Peter’s families for their wonderful and generous support of the
St Vincent De Paul Christmas appeal and the Christmas giving tree. It was very heartwarming to see the response.
“Thank you for your most generous donation and participating in Vinnies Annual Christmas Appeal. Your support ensures our 3,500 volunteers can continue provide vital access to food, accommodation and emotional support to over 40,000 men, women and children facing hardship and poverty. The kindness of these donations will make a real difference this Christmas to Western Australians as because you give, lives are changed.” Vinnies WA

REPORTS – The 2018 Semester Two reports were uploaded on Wednesday 5 December via SEQTA CONEQT through the Parent Engage Portal
Reports can be accessed using your current username and password (a reminder that usernames and passwords are your own and case sensitive, and have not been provided by the school).
Please note that access to SEQTA will be revoked by 9pm on Monday, 10 December 2018 for students not returning to St Peter’s in 2019 (either graduating Year 6 this year or attending another school next year).
Please make it a priority to ensure you have downloaded and saved/printed copies of all documentation by this date (e.g. NAPLAN or previous reports).
Teachers will be available for communication regarding reports between 1-3pm on Monday, 10 December – please contact your teacher by email should you wish to meet with them during this time.

CLASS PLACEMENT – You will be notified of your child’s 2019 teacher via email by the end of next week. There are a multitude of factors taken into consideration when a new class listed is developed. Thought has been given to the issues raised. Unfortunately, not all these requests are able to be accommodated and once published the class lists are set and fixed.

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS VIGIL MASS – will be held on Monday 24 December at 4.30pm on the School Oval. Carols will commence at 5.30pm with Mass at 6pm. All are welcome to attend – please bring a chair or a picnic rug.

START DATE FOR 2019 – We welcome students back to St Peter’s on Monday 4 February 2019, wearing their correct Summer uniform.

For everything we take with us there is something we leave behind. This would sum up how I feel as I leave St Peter’s. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to serve the school community and to have been part of the St Peter’s story for the last five years. What we have done together to enrich the environment for our students, develop the learning programs and build positive relationships is rightly a source of satisfaction and pride. As you go forward and think and act anew, I wish the St Peter’s community great success and blessing.

God Bless

Greg Ward


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