Newsletter – Friday 6 September 2019

Message from the Principal

Loving God help us to teach our children
that you love us
totally and unconditionally.
Help us to encourage our children to grow in love and to
learn how to say sorry, knowing that you always forgive.
Give us the courage to pray with our children and to share
our faith with them as we journey together.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

FIRST RECONCILIATION – Our Year Three children recently celebrated their First Reconciliation. Reconciliation offers us a way to keep close to Jesus. It acknowledges that as humans we are not perfect, and we do make poor choices. However, through the Sacrament we can restore our relationship with God. The Reconciliation services were reverent and memorable as Father Jeronimo included his personal touch with a live lamb. I thank the Year 3 teachers and EAs for working closely with the Parish to ensure this Sacrament in our children’s faith journey is one where they restore their relationship with God and move forward in love.

SPORTS CARNIVAL – We are looking forward to our Annual School Sports Carnival this coming Friday 13th September, commencing at 9am, at the Noranda Sporting Complex. We look forward to children arriving by 8.30am. We are optimistic and sending lots of prayers that the weather is kind to us. The children have trained hard and are looking forward to a day of fun and excitement. Many hours of preparation go into coordinating a Sports Carnival and I congratulate Miss Miles on the fabulous job she has done in ensuring students and staff are ready for next Friday.
Every year you feel the excitement build as the children look forward to their sports carnival. They thoroughly enjoy the day because they are out of the classroom, playing with friends and cheering on their team. We are so fortunate here at St Peter’s that so many parents cheer on their children as excited spectators. I remind parents to participate in the Sports Carnival, in the spirit in which the event is intended. Parents love to see their child succeed, yet we must encourage our children win or lose, that the Sports Carnival is meant to be fun for everyone. Having fun is the best way to enjoy sports with your child and as they grow older, they will enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with their participation. So, I look forward to seeing you there, cheering your child and faction on loudly, and enjoy seeing them have the time of their life.

Some helpful tips…
1. Provide guidance for your children, but do not force or pressure them.
2. Assist them in setting realistic goals for participation.
3. Emphasise fun, skill development and other benefits of sports participation, e.g., cooperation, competition, self-discipline, commitment.
4. Provide; a healthy perspective to help children understand success and failure.
5. Emphasise and reward effort rather than results.
6. Keep a sense of humour. If you are having fun and laughing, so will your child.
7. Provide regular encouragement.
8. Be a healthy role model for your child by being positive and relaxed.
9. Give them unconditional love: Show them you love them whether they win or lose.
10. Leave the judging to the judges.

FATHER’S DAY – As we celebrated our wonderful Fathers, last Sunday, it is timely to reflect on the gift of fatherhood. Fathers serve as role models for their children. Fathers’ behaviours, relationships and methods of communication leave a lasting imprint on children, for children learn what they live.
Child Psychologist, Fritz Redl, would say to groups of people, “Take your paper and pencils. I am going to tell you the three most important things you will ever need to know about raising children.” The parents would wait with pencils poised for his words of wisdom. Then he would say, “Example. Example. Example.”
It was wonderful to have over 430 dads attend the breakfast and the many activities held throughout ‘Dadember.’ We love having our Dads in our classrooms and your children are very proud of you joining them in their classrooms, sporting events and excursions.
My sincere thanks to Alison Rawson and her crew of merry helpers for creating a wonderful morning for our dads. I also wish to acknowledge the following staff who joined me for the early start. A big thank you to Rosey Martin, Angela Seal and Rita Panebianco.

QUIZ NIGHT – I also wish to acknowledge Alison’s amazing efforts with the Quiz Night. These community raising events allow our community to come together and enjoy each other’s company and the dress up skills of many of our parents!

BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL CARE – I am pleased to announce that we will be taking enrolments for our 2020 Before, After School and Vacation Care program next term. Please look out for information in coming school newsletters. We are very excited to be providing this service for our families and know that the students will be well cared for, and enjoy being with their friends, in their school environment.

PROJECT COMPASSION – Catholic Schools in the Perth Archdiocese donated a total of $220,698.90 to Project Compassion 2019. St Peter’s donated $908.85
from 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019. So, thank you to you all!

LONG SERVICE LEAVE – This year, I turned 50 and part of my celebrations will include a trip to London and Croatia with my dearest friends. I begin my Long Service Leave on Friday 13th September and will return on Monday 14th October. Whilst away, I will still keep an eye on the Mighty Eagles progress in the AFL finals. I wish Mr Brennan all the very best in his Short-Term Principal position. I know he will do a fabulous job whilst I am away.

I leave you with this thought:
‘Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it.’

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and my wish for you all, is that you find time to stop and enjoy your children over the coming school holidays.

Ciao and keep smiling!

Pina Hutcheson


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