Newsletter – Friday 6 August 2021

Message from the Principal

Faithful and devoted Virgin St Mary of the Cross,
you have said,
‘Never see a need
without doing something about it’;
have pity on me.

You know the multitude and diversity of my needs.
Graciously hear me and deign to obtain from God
a favourable hearing for this my request.


Dear Parents and Guardians

TEACHING AND LEARNING – This week, we began our rounds of coaching with every teacher in our school. Our goal is to further enhance our visible learning strategies with our WILFs. Our strategy is to differentiate our WILFs and create self-regulated learners. We will share our strategy and feedback from our students at the next P&F meeting. Our level of student engagement has definitely been enhanced by this visible learning teaching strategy in all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6, and all Specialist classes.

CEWA FILMING – Yesterday, members of the Catholic Education Office Digital Technologies team spent the morning at our school. They filmed our Inquiry Program and the outstanding opportunities our students experience to integrate digital technologies into their learning. We will have the video on our website once it has been released. This video will also be on the CEWA Sharepoint as an example of best practice for other schools to view. Congratulations to all within our community for this wonderful celebration.

SCHOOL TOURS – I sincerely thank our Year 6 leaders for running the Open Day tours this week. We have had to run more throughout the year, due to demand, and our Year 6 leaders have completed a magnificent job of sharing their experiences of the school with our prospective families. We always receive feedback on how impressive they all are. Our students will receive a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of their contribution to the of our school.

THE BISHOPS’ RELIGIOUS LITERACY ASSESSMENT – The Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment in Years 3 and 5 took place this week. Formal school and student reports are produced by the Catholic Education Office and will become available to schools in Term Four. If you have any queries, please see your classroom teacher or Mr Brennan.

TOURNAMENT OF MINDS – We currently have a team of Year 6 students busily preparing for the Tournament of Minds, at ECU Joondalup, on Saturday 28th August. I commend the following students Aleisha Tran, Ayanda Dumba, Sophie Di Leo, Celeste Toh, Joshua Rainard, Annika Rendall and Noelle Pineda for their dedication to school and out of school hours preparation for the event. Our students are participating in the Language and Literature discipline and are under the guidance and support of
Mrs Julia O’Meara and Mrs Josephine Carbone. I thank these wonderful teachers for their dedication to our students and thank our parents for their support of this
extra-curricula event.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION – I thank our families for supporting their children in the Parish-based Sacramental program. Your commitment to the workshops is recognised and appreciated.

SPELLING BEE – Congratulations to all our students who have competed in our school-based Spelling Bee. We wish our finalists Isabelle How Kim Kam, Loni O’Brien,
Angelina Nguyen, Hamish Nielson, Zachary Hunter, Finn Jackson, Claudia Maric and Cassandra Riches all the very best for the competition at Trinity College on
Wednesday 18th August.

SPEAK UP AWARDS – It was my pleasure this week to be invited to the judges’ panel as we listened to our Year 6 students present at our recent Speak Up finals. The content, level of preparation and presentation style were truly outstanding. I congratulate Giselle Carbone, Joshua Rainard and Allegra La Galia who will represent St Peter’s at the
up-and-coming finals.

INTERSCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY – Competitors all worked hard to produce their personal best and the St Peter’s Community were out in full force supporting the team on a very wet and cold day. I was extremely impressed by the way the students represented our school. They did not leave anything left in the ‘fuel tank’ as they sprinted for the finishing line. They supported one another and congratulated each other on their efforts for the team. We came 5th overall out of 16 schools. A HUGE improvement on last year. We have had a team of teachers supporting our Interschool team with early morning training. Thank you to Miss Miles, Miss Hoppenbrouwers, Mrs Ryan, Mr Nettleton, Mr Spencer, Mr Fiume, Mrs Allen and Mr Uchanski for preparing our students for the event.

BOOK WEEK – Excitement is building for our Book Week celebrations in Week 6. We will have the Dress Up Parade on Tuesday 24th August and our theme this year is
‘Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds.’ The students have all received their colouring competition sheets and look forward to the myriad of prizes of offer. We thank our Year 6 Library Ministers who are busily working on the Book Week celebrations.

ST PETER’S DADS – Our dads have recently had an evening with the co-ordinator of the Fathering Project, a bowling event fast approaching on Sunday 15th August and
St Peter’s Dads’ Golf Day on Saturday 28th August. This is proving to be very popular with some wonderful prizes donated by our families. Thank you to our co-ordinator,
David Fitzgerald and our school-based supporter, Mr Nettleton.

CECWA POLICY IMPLEMENTATION TRANSITION –The new CECWA Policy and Executive Directives structure was promulgated throughout the Catholic Education System on 22 February 2021. All Catholic school principals must now lead the transition process, make sure any school-based policies are replaced by CECWA Policies and Executive Directives, with school-based procedures only being produced to provide additional guidance within their Catholic school community. Our school’s “Policy” Team has successfully navigated the first half of the policy suite updates. You will soon be able to see on our school’s homepage a link to the policy suite. We will now begin the process of uploading any procedural operations specific to St Peter’s School. This process does take some time and I thank you all for always supporting CEWA and St Peter’s policies and procedures. I thank Mrs Hunter, Mr Brennan, Mrs Bertoldo and Miss Dunsire for their hard work and leadership in this process.
As I write about the many and varied opportunities our students have enjoyed in just the last three weeks, I think also of the many students in other states of Australia. We pray they stay strong and receive the support they require in what can only be described as sad and challenging times. A real sense of appreciation and gratitude are something we must always remind ourselves to celebrate, as our country continues to manage the COVID virus.

AUSTRALIAN CENSUS – 10 AUGUST 2021 – The Australian census on 10 August 2021 will provide a snapshot of who Australians are and what is important to us. The census is a key tool that government uses to determine how organisations, schools, church ministries and community groups are prioritised, funded and empowered to best operate in our State. If your faith is important to you or if you identify with Christian values, please use your voice in the Australian census when asked your religion. This is an important opportunity to demonstrate the significance of faith-based families in our West Australian community and will support endeavours to secure equitable access to opportunities and resources.

HOME LEARNING TIPS – Please find attached an interesting read to parents – Home Learning Tips

As we move into the second semester of our school year, I leave you with this quote:
Your end can be greater than your beginning:
Butterflies are the greatest proof of this.
-Matshona Dhliwayo

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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