Newsletter – Friday 4 September 2020

Message from the Principal

My Dad

My dad is the best as you can plainly see,
He’s nice to everyone, my family and me.
Every day now and then,
he smiles at me again and again.
My dad is the best,
bouncy and brave.
I love you dad and you’re my fave.
You’ll love me forever and ever,
so I’ll leave you, never ever.
Happy Father’s Day!

Angelina Nguyen – 3W

Dear Parents and Guardians

FIRST COMMUNION – After a slightly bumpy start to our First Communion Masses, due to the extension of COVID-19 restrictions, I take this opportunity of thanking all our Year 4 families for their understanding and messages of support to staff. Knowing that we continue to work together to create the best during a difficult situation is proof of a great community and coming together in community with Jesus is what First Communion is all about.
Congratulations also to our gorgeous students who did an amazing job and must be feeling very special now that they can fully participate in the Eucharist. Our sincere gratitude is extended to Father Jeronimo, Chris Neville and the St Peter’s Parish members for their genuine commitment to working together for our children.

FATHERS’ DAY ASSEMBLY – Our beautiful Year 3 classes dedicated their performance assembly this morning to their dads. We have included in the newsletter one of the delightful poems the students dedicated to their dads in which they outlined why they love and appreciate their dads so much. They dressed up like their dads and even danced like their dads. Our wonderful dads got into the spirit of the assembly and shared their dancing skills with us all while many mums were busy filming their unique moves!
Unfortunately, due to Covid Restrictions Phase 4, we have been unable to host our annual Fathers’ Day Breakfast. We hope you all enjoy the Fathers’ Day Slideshow on our social media platforms that our Leadership Team, have lovingly put together, for our wonderful St Peter’s dads and father figures.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL – Every year you feel the excitement build as the children look forward to their Sport Carnival. I certainly enjoy and look forward to the event. The children thoroughly enjoy the day because they are out of the classroom, playing with friends and cheering on their team. I remind parents to participate in the Sports Carnival, in the spirit in which the event is intended. Parents love to see their child succeed, yet we must encourage our children win or lose, that the Sport Carnival is meant to be fun for everyone. Having fun is the best way to enjoy sports with your child and as they grow older, they will enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with their participation. So, I look forward to seeing you there, cheering your child and faction on loudly, and enjoy seeing them have the time of their life.

Some helpful tips…
1. Provide guidance for your children, but do not force or pressure them.
2. Assist them in setting realistic goals for participation.
3. Emphasise fun, skill development and other benefits of sports participation,
e.g. co-operation, competition, self-discipline, commitment.
4. Provide a healthy perspective to help children understand success and failure.
5. Emphasise and reward effort rather than results.
6. Keep a sense of humour. If you are having fun and laughing, so will your child.
7. Provide regular encouragement.
8. Be a healthy role model for your child by being positive and relaxed.
9. Give them unconditional love: Show them you love them whether they win or lose.
10. Leave the judging to the judges.

On Thursday 10th September, the Year 3 – 6 students will be participating in the Athletics Field Events Carnival.
All Year 3 – 6 students MUST wear their faction sports uniform on this day to support their faction.
The 800m will be conducted at Grand Prom. The Field events will take place on the School Oval.

On Thursday 17th September, the Year 1-6 students will be participating in the Athletics Carnival – further information to follow next week.

COVID Guidelines for spectators at this Track and Field event are as follows:
1. Only one spectator is allowed per family.
2. Spectators need to stay in the spectator area for the whole carnival (these areas are marked with signs and bunting).
3. Please social distance yourselves from other spectators.

Please ensure you read carefully the correspondence sent to all parents by our Sport Teacher, Miss Alison Miles. We truly appreciate the co-operation of our families as we work together to maintain the health and safety of our school community. Whilst our procedures are certainly different in this 2020 year, we must remember and celebrate that we can continue these activities when others in our country are unable to enjoy these joyful times in our children’s lives.

PRE KINDY PROGRAM – I am delighted to announce that we will be running a full day Pre Kindy Program in 2021. Every Friday Mrs Panebianco will be facilitating an engaging and exciting program for children who have turned 3 years of age. Details on the program and how to enrol are attached to this newsletter.

CONFIRMATION – Yesterday, all parishes received a directive from Archbishop Costelloe relating to the celebration of Confirmation. The temporary suspension of the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation is hereby discontinued. The Sacrament of Confirmation may now be celebrated in accordance with a strict set of guidelines. As the information was received late yesterday, the Parish and School will work together to plan the Confirmation celebrations. We will have information to our families as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. We are delighted that our students will take the next step in their Sacramental Journey whilst still attending St Peter’s School.

Happy Father’s Day to our St Peter’s dads and father figures!

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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