Newsletter – Friday 4 June 2021

Message from the Principal

200 reasons to sing
In this Great South Land as one heart we’ll bring
Inspired by all we have learned
We journey together
Turning our hearts and our minds
To Christ who has taught us love now
Renewed by the Spirit we’ll go
We’re learning together
We will live, love, reach out to the world
Bringing joy, hope and peace in God’s Name
As your people, We have faith,
Faith in the Future
From humble beginnings we’ve grown, with faith in our mission
In a world so in need of real hope, we reach for tomorrow
Bringing the Gospel of truth
We carry the flame of the Spirit
Jesus, our way, and our life, guiding us through.
We will live, love, reach out to the world
Bringing joy, hope and peace in God’s Name
As your people, We have faith,
Faith in the Future
Faith in the Future

Dear Parents and Guardians

CROSS COUNTRY – We enjoyed perfect weather on Thursday and our students gave their best at our Cross Country competition. I am always humbled by the way our students compete and their encouragement of one another no matter where they place in the race. It is a huge achievement to make it around the course and the resilience demonstrated was outstanding. I sincerely appreciate the support of our parent spectators and the know that our students thoroughly enjoy their parents cheering them on. Congratulations to Miss Alison Miles on a fabulously well-organised event. Thank you to the staff members who joined Miss Miles early in the morning to set up the track for the event.  A true example of UNITY. Congratulations to the individual winners and we wish them all the very best for the Interschool Competition.
Every competitor counts and I congratulate DOMINIC on their overall victory yesterday. Please see Miss Miles’ Cross Country spiel further along with photos from the day.

CONFIRMATION MASSES – Our Year 6 students are busily preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation next Saturday 12th June and Sunday 13th June. On behalf of our school community, we congratulate our students on their reverent participation in the preparation for the Confirmation celebration and celebrate the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be bestowed upon them. We sincerely thank their parents and teachers, Mrs Jo Carbone, Mr Justin Fiume and Mr Matt Nettleton for supporting our students in their faith journey. Our sincere gratitude to Father Jeronimo and Faith Rico for assisting in the preparation of our students.
We look forward to welcoming The most Reverend Archbishop Timothy Costelloe to our Saint Peter the Apostle Parish next weekend.

FATHERING PROJECT – This week, I participated in a School Principal event for all schools involved in the Fathering Project. Covid restrictions permitting, we look forward to hosting several events, this year. Fathers and father-figures are critical in every child’s life. Loving and connected dads have an enormous impact, not only on their children’s lives but also on their own.


Maternity Leave – We have the lovely Mrs Sophie Stajka leaving us today to begin her maternity leave. Sophie has done a magnificent job balancing the requirements of her class and all the new changes of her first pregnancy. Thank you, Sophie, for being so organised and ensuring everything is prepared for the handover to the new staff member. On behalf of the community, we wish you a dream run to motherhood. I am also happy to announce that the maternity leave has been finalised and we will welcome Miss Natasha Sharman to Year 3 on Tuesday 8th June.

Retirement – It is with great sadness that I announce that Mrs Debbie Neilson will be retiring at the end of this term. Prior to working at St Peter’s, Mrs Neilson worked at the Commonwealth Bank (1976 – 1992). Mrs Neilson began her journey at St Peter’s, as a Special Needs EA, in 1998. Mrs Neilson’s children were at school when she started here. Jacinta was in Year 1 and Chris was in Year 4. She has worked in the library with a teacher, and then has been running the library on her own, for the last 8 years. Mrs Neilson has a passion for the library and her love has definitely inspired the students at our school to have a joy and love of books and involvement in the library. She will certainly be missed by our school community, and we will ensure we provide a fitting farewell for her at the end of this term.
Mrs Neilson looks forward to spending time with her grandchildren and elderly parents. Not working will ensure she makes the most of this family time and create special lifetime memories. We congratulate Mrs Neilson on her dedicated service to our school and wish her well in retirement.

SAFETY ISSUES AT PICK UP – We have been informed by members of the community over a few safety issues at school pick up.
Parents are to wait in the line when picking up their child. There have been a number of cars parking on the crosswalk at the Wood Street pick up zone or driving further into the car park to slot in behind another vehicle.
It has also been noted that children are running down the pathways and past driveways on both Wood and Salisbury Streets at pick up away from their parents.
We must ensure the safety of our children is our top priority and I ask that parents co-operate with the school on these safety concerns.

DISCO – Thank you to Jo Southern and Heather Duttson for organising a wonderful social event for all our students. The gorgeous Kindy and Pre-Primary students dressed disco and certainly showed off their amazing dancing skills in our daytime disco. They had a ball and I am sure they slept well last night!  The older children partied hard from 4.30pm – 8pm!

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Today, our PD presenter was Mrs Katrina Bonetti, Education Consultant, from Impact Teaching, Learning and Leadership. Katrina presented teaching sprints through the lens of Numeracy. Katrina explored Dr Simon Breakspear’s Teaching Sprints and Dr Paul Swan’s Learning Trajectories with a focus on developing self- regulated learners who are WALT and WILF Warriors.

We trust our St Peter’s community will enjoy an extra-long weekend and celebrate WA Day and all our state offers over this coming weekend. We will see you all back refreshed on Tuesday 8th June.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


Please see below for our gallery of photos