Newsletter – Friday 30 November 2018

Message from the Principal


As we prepare for Christmas, we are reminded of the symbolism of the Advent wreath.
The circle and evergreens remind us of the continuity of God’s love for us for it is everlasting.
The four candles (Hope, Peace, Love and Joy) represent the four weeks of Advent with the fifth candle in the middle
signifying the birth of Christ and reminds us that He is the light of the world.
Help us Lord to keep you in our sights this Christmas.
Help us look for the light of your love in others.

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

YEAR 6 – As the Year 6 students enter the final week of Primary School, I thank them for the gifts they have shared with us. They have developed as school leaders and have made a genuine effort to contribute to a positive climate at St Peter’s. I wish each and every student an optimistic outlook, grit to meet the challenges and a life lived that is true to themselves, family, friends and their faith.
On Tuesday 4 December, there will be a Mass of Thanksgiving and a Graduation service commencing at 6pm in the Church. I express a gratitude to the Year 6 teaching team of Sophie Stajka, Jo Carbone, Karen Pertile and Kirsty Maher along with Courtney Dunsire, Paul Brennan and Marina Powell for their hard work to make this a special occasion for our graduating students and their families. I thank Laura Antenucci and Olyvia Browne for coordinating the catering for the light supper and the team of Year 5 parents led by Alison Rawson who are helping with the setup of the celebration.

COMMUNITY MEETING – AGM OF THE SCHOOL BOARD AND THE P&F – I appreciate the interest shown by parents and staff who attended the Community Meeting on Tuesday evening, 27 November. There was a recap of the highlights, activities and achievements of the 2018 school year and an outline of the plans for 2019 including the presentation of a new strategic plan. The goals and priorities in the previous plan are now acknowledged as being strengths and part of the St Peter’s identity and character. There is a commitment and a desire to keep these elements to be strong as we look ahead to new horizons.
Tuesday was a chance to acknowledge the great work that is being done at many different levels in the St Peter’s community; the most important of these being the
high-quality teaching and learning programs. It is what has been done together to promote the learning growth and nurture the wellbeing of our children that is a source of great pride.
I thank all the volunteers who assist in various capacities for the investment of time and talent to enhance the quality and success of our endeavours.
I thank those who are continuing in School Board and P and F roles next year and express an appreciation to those who have nominated to fill vacant positions.

SCHOOL BOARD 2019 – John Nicolaou, Brett Blanchard, Emma Butler, Paul Connell, Graham Forrest, Father Jeronimo, Kelly Matusik, Rolly Martins (Parish Rep),
Pam Svenningsen and Pina Hutcheson. 

P & F COMMITTEE 2019 – Emma Butler, Richard Boyd, Nicole Gatsoulis, Magdalena Wittek, and Amanda Cox.

SCHOOL FEES 2019 – At the AGM of the School Board on Tuesday evening, it was announced that school fees overall would be 2% higher in 2019. Every effort has been made to keep fees at an affordable level. The setting of the tuition fee is essentially outside the control of the School Board and is a recommendation and requirement of CECWA.

WEAR A SPLASH OF PINK FOR ANIKA – It was wonderful to see our School Community take part in our ‘Wear A Splash of Pink for Anika’ day. Anika’s family were in attendance at this morning’s assembly and they were overjoyed with the sea of pink along with the generosity of our community. Students were asked to bring in a gold coin donation with funds going towards a remembrance memorial area for Anika, so that she will always have a special place in our school. The final amount raised will be announced at a later stage.

SEMESTER 2 REPORTS 2018 – Semester 2 reports will be distributed electronically by C.O.B. on Wednesday 5 December. If there are any issues arising from the reports, teachers will be available to meet with parents on Monday 10 December between 1-3pm. Teachers may be contacted via email or appointments can be made through the School Office.

God Bless

Greg Ward