Newsletter – Friday 3 September 2021

Message from the Principal

Gracious God,
bless fathers and all father figures with such love
and faithfulness that children flourish and grow in uprightness and joy.
Bless those who long to be fathers and those for whom this day is difficult.


Dear Parents and Guardians

FATHER’S DAY – We enjoyed an early morning start to our Friday as we welcomed our dads, grandads uncles and children for our Fathers’ Day breakfast. Our dads had the opportunity to catch up with one another and share in breakfast with their children. I sincerely thank the P&F organisers, volunteers, and school staff for all their hard work and organisational skills in preparing for this celebration of our wonderful fathers.

TOURNAMENT OF MINDS – Congratulations to our TOM Team who now move through to the finals following their remarkable and creative performance recently at ECU in Joondalup.  Congratulations to Aleisha Tran, Ayanda Dumba, Sophie Di Leo, Celeste Toh, Joshua Rainard, Annika Rendall and Noelle Pineda on their ability to work as a team, under pressure, and together successfully achieve success. I also extend my sincere gratitude to Mrs Julia O’Meara for her dedication in preparing the students for the event.  I also thank their parents who commit many hours of their time in supporting their children.  A superb effort by all involved and we look forward to the exciting times ahead, as the team compete at ECU Joondalup on Sunday 12th September.

SCITECH – This coming Tuesday 7th September, we will have Scitech at our school providing our students with individual workshops on the Chemical Element of Surprise.  A wonderful opportunity for all our budding scientists. Thank you, Fiona Deane, for organising this for our students to enjoy.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL – I was extremely proud of our students with their commitment and encouragement of one another in the recent Athletics Field Events. We were lucky enough to have fabulous weather and it was wonderful to see our parents here to support and cheer on our competitors.  On Tuesday 14th September, we will enjoy our annual Athletics Sport Carnival commencing at 9am at the Dianella Open Space Area 3.
Every year, you feel the excitement build as the children look forward to their Sport Carnival.  I certainly enjoy and look forward to the event. The children thoroughly enjoy the day because they are out of the classroom, playing with friends and cheering on their team. We are so fortunate here at St Peter’s that so many parents assist us on the day and cheer on their children as excited spectators. I remind parents to participate in the Sports Carnival in the spirit in which the event is intended. Parents love to see their child succeed, yet we must encourage our children win or lose, that the Sport Carnival is meant to be fun for everyone. Having fun is the best way to enjoy sports with your child and as they grow older, they will enjoy the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with their participation. So, I look forward to seeing you there, cheering your child and faction on loudly, and enjoy seeing them have the time of their life.

Some helpful tips…

  1. Provide guidance for your children, but do not force or pressure them.
  2. Assist them in setting realistic goals for participation.
  3. Emphasise fun, skill development and other benefits of sports participation,, competition, self-discipline, commitment.
  4. Provide: a healthy perspective to help children understand success and failure.
  5. Emphasise and reward effort rather than results.
  6. Keep a sense of humour. If you are having fun and laughing, so will your child.
  7. Provide regular encouragement.
  8. Be a healthy role model for your child by being positive and relaxed.
  9. Give them unconditional love: Show them you love them whether they win or lose.
  10. Leave the judging to the judges.

GOLF DAY – Our Inaugural St Peter’s Golf Day was a HUGE HIT! We received lots of positive feedback from our 40 participants and a request for it to become an annual event. Congratulations to Matt Nettleton on the success of the day. The dads also loved the Team Pete hats! Thank you to Steve Spencer, Paul Brennan, Jack Uchanski and
Justin Fiume for supporting the event. A wonderful example of our core value of UNITY in action.

KINDY PARENT TRIBE NIGHT – Congratulations to the Kindy Team on the successful launch of the Parent Tribe. A wonderful night of information from the Speech Pathologist, Genevieve Saldanha and Psychologist, Terry Andrews who both provide services at our school. The workshop provided the opportunity for rich conversations and connections to be made. Well done Rita Panebianco, Cassandra Visser and Alice Oliver on creating this opportunity that will continue throughout the parents’ journey at our school. Please click on the link to see Kindy in action

Wishing all the fathers and father figures a wonderful weekend of celebrations with your beautiful families. Enjoy your special day!!!

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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