Newsletter – Friday 29 November 2019

Message from the Principal

Feeling extra busy at this time of the year? Rushing around, end of year school functions,
Christmas parties to go to, making sure you, at least, start a Christmas shopping list, etc, etc.
Whilst trying to keep a peaceful smile, not just on your face, but in your heart.

This is where, “the rubber meets the road,” as they say.
Am I a peaceful, encouraging, trusting person who does not let stress get to me?
For as it says in Scripture: “Do not worry what to wear… do not worry about tomorrow,
for today has enough worry of its own.” “In ALL things trust in God.”

Jesus came into this world to give us peace and as he was leaving his disciples,
he reiterated this:
“And peace I leave with you.”
May we extend this peace to all we meet in this “busy stressful” time of Christmas.
And most importantly be peaceful within yourself.

Dear Parents and Guardians

P&F CHRISTMAS BARBECUE – Thank you to our families for the fabulous turn-out on Sunday for this community event. Santa made a grand appearance; the water slides were very popular, and both the barbecued food and fairy floss were much appreciated by the children and parents. Congratulations to our amazing P&F and to
Renee Bennett and her team of volunteers our sincere appreciation.

THANK YOU On Tuesday, 3 December at 6pm, we will show our appreciation to all the wonderful volunteers we have at our school. Wine and cheese will be provided by the school prior to the commencement of the AGM at 6.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

ASSEMBLY – Our final assembly for the year will be on Friday, 13 December. Here we will announce our Scholarship winners for 2020. I would like to thank the many parents, grandparents and members of extended family who came along to support each of the classes. The students love having you there.

THANKSGIVING END OF YEAR MASS – We celebrated Mass this morning. This Mass was an opportunity to thank God for the many gifts that he has given our school community throughout this year. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the Year 6 students and staff who finish their experience at our school, at the end of the year. I thank our Year 2W students for leading this Eucharistic celebration.

TRANSITION DAY – On Wednesday, 4 December all our students will be attending our whole school transition morning 9am-10.40am. This will give our students an opportunity to meet with their 2020 classroom teacher and fellow students. On this day, we ask that our current Kindy Blue students also attend school from 9am-10.40am to meet their Pre Primary teacher and fellow classmates. We believe this initiative will relieve concern around the beginning of the 2020 school year.

GATE EXPO – Congratulations to our GATE students on their excellent displays of investigation and learning. Many thanks to the parents and grandparents who attended the Expo, yesterday. Congratulations, also, to Ms Magee on a wonderful display of the opportunities to our students at St Peter’s.

CONCERT DAY – Friday, 6 December will be our end of year concert day. Please see the schedule below of how the day will go. Parents are invited to come and watch!

11am – Pre Primary – Year 3 Concert
12.20pm – 1pm – Lunch
1.30pm – Year 4 – 6 Concert (including the Year 3/4 choir performance)
2.45pm –  Staff Dance

REPORTS – These will be accessible to parents on Wednesday, 11 December. (Reports will be accessed via SEQTA CONEQT through the Parent Engage Portal, using your current username and password  – a reminder that usernames and passwords are your own and case sensitive, and have not been provided by the school). Parents have an opportunity to touch base with staff before the end of the term, if there are any queries or points of clarification. Please note that access to SEQTA will be revoked by 9pm on Monday, 16 December 2019 for students not returning to St Peter’s in 2020 (either graduating Year 6 this year or attending another school next year). Please make it a priority to ensure you have downloaded and saved/printed copies of all documentation by this date (e.g. NAPLAN or previous reports).

As we come to the end of year reports, the following words of Samuel Truett Cathy are encouraging, not just for our children, but for parents as well.

“I believe God wants us to be successful….and yet success is not always obvious.
The Chinese bamboo tree does absolutely nothing- or so it seems for the first four years. Then suddenly, sometime during the fifth year, it shoots up ninety feet in sixty days.
Would you say that bamboo trees grew in six weeks, or five years?”

START DATE FOR 2020 – We welcome students back to St Peter’s on Monday, 3 February 2020, wearing their correct Summer uniform. Please note classrooms will be open for stationery drop-off on Thursday, 30 January between 8.15-8.55am (please note that staff will be attending a Professional Development Day commencing at 9am and the school will be closed for the rest of the day.)

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


Please see our gallery of photos from the last 2 weeks below!