Newsletter – Friday 28 June 2019

Message from the Principal

O God,
who has given unto Thy blessed Apostle Peter
the keys to the kingdom of heaven,
and the power to bind and loose:
grant that we may be delivered,
through the help of this intercession,
from the slavery of all our sins:
Who lives and reigns world without end.
St Peter, Pray for Us …

Dear Parents and Guardians,

ST PETER AND ST PAUL FEAST DAY – Our picture gallery below demonstrates the fabulous day we shared in recognition of our Patron Saint. I sincerely thank Father Jeronimo for celebrating Mass and congratulate all our wonderful students for their commitment to Mission Day.

GRANDPARENTS MASS AND INTERNATIONAL FOOD FETE – A big weekend is in store for the School and Parish, as we honour our Patron Saint, and all our wonderful grandparents. I thank Father Jeronimo for working alongside us to ensure this is a School and Parish celebration. I thank the many staff who baked for the Festival, volunteered their time at the stall and celebrated Mass on Sunday. Thanks to Mr Paul Brennan for organising our students for this special Mass.

CROSS-COUNTRY – The weather this week did not permit us to complete our scheduled Cross-Country event. I thank you for your understanding and patience. I wish all our competitors the very best for next week. Let’s all pray for a fine day.

KINDERGARTEN ENROLMENTS – I am pleased to announce that our Kindy 2020 is now oversubscribed, and we will have a waitlist. This is a wonderful position for our school to be in when many other Catholic schools are experiencing enrolment number decline. I thank everyone involved in our school for the excellent feedback they share in the community about our school. I congratulate our staff and students on the magnificent reputation St Peter’s school has in the local area.

REPORTS – I have been impressed by the level of detail provided to parents, by their class teachers, on the learning journey of each child in their class. Many hours are dedicated to this process and I am sure the snapshot you receive will be no surprise. Teachers ensure that through work sent home, emails and face to face meetings every parent has a good indication of their child’s development prior to the formal report. Please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher with any queries you may have. These reports can be accessed via the SEQTA portal by parents on Wednesday 3rd July at 3pm.

CHINESE CULTURAL IMMERSION – The Chinese students will begin arriving at our school on Tuesday 23rd July. We have two children coming for 4 weeks and thirteen children coming for 2 weeks. The staff are delighted with this new opportunity and I know our students will benefit from this experience.

CODING CLUB – In Term 3, we will invite Year 5 and 6 students to participate in an after-school Coding Club. I thank Bruce Plint for volunteering to drive this initiative. I also thank Sophie Stajka for supporting Bruce and the students involved. Please see further along in the newsletter for more information.

STAFFING – Kelly Brown has resigned from her position as the Finance Office of our school. She completed her duties on Wednesday 26th June. She begins her new consultancy work on Monday 1st July. We will thank Kelly for her service to the school at a Sundowner this Friday 28th June. We wish her well in her future endeavours. We welcome back Ms Barbara Mountain until the end of Term 2. Our new Finance Officer will commence in Term 3.
We wish Mrs Karyn McGeever all the very best as she begins her new adventure as a mother. I am sure she will make a wonderful mum and will be missed by all at St Peter’s. We also wish Mrs Rebecca Gravett a relaxing Term 3 whilst she enjoys her long service leave. Finally, Mr Hamilton-Browne will also be on long service leave from Term 2 Week 10 and will return in Term 3 Week 2.

THANK YOU – As we approach the end of Semester One, I thank the staff of St Peter’s who are an exceptional group of dedicated professionals. I am constantly in awe of their commitment. The depths of their conversations reflect professionals who have a highly developed understanding of good pedagogical practice. I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge all their wonderful work. I have been teaching in Catholic schools for many years now and can say our staff are second to none. May God bless each and every one of them and may they find comfort in the knowledge that their vocations as teachers, sages and educators are a lofty and most honourable calling.

I wish to thank students and parents for welcoming me into your community and allowing me the privilege of learning more about this wonderful school and the people inside it. I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break. We will see you all refreshed and ready for Term 3 commencing Tuesday 23rd July.

Ciao and keep smiling!

Pina Hutcheson


Please see our gallery of photos from the last 2 weeks below!