Newsletter – Friday 27 November 2020

Message from the Principal

I’m raising average kids.
They will not be going pro in any sport.
They will not be the Dux of the school.
They will not be landing on the moon.
And they will not be President.
But I pray that they will be extraordinary at love.
They will be the friend who makes homemade soup and delivers it when a family loses a loved one.
They will always return their grocery carts.
They will mow their neighbour’s lawn or take their bin out- just because.
They will know how to listen—especially to those who need it most.
They will make time to return phone calls.
They will still send cards on birthdays.
They will know how to forgive.
They will be empathy givers.
They will know how to say, “I’m sorry.”
They will know how to act vulnerable and cry in someone else’s arms.
Oh, and this one’s important—they’ll know how to love themselves by giving themselves grace, love, time off, and setting boundaries.
Yup. I’m raising average kids.
Average kids who will be extraordinary at LOVE.

Dear Parents and Guardians

The reflection in the newsletter this week challenges us as parents to look to what is important. We all strive to raise healthy, productive, genuinely happy individuals who will one day use their talents to serve God and love those around them. Unfortunately for us there is not a manual to help us with our children. We all do our best to bring up our children with love without spoiling them and guidance without being too firm.
As we enter the School Report time of year, let us as parents remember that childhood is not a race to be the best academic, but rather provide them with opportunities to see the ripple effect of their decisions and hard work.

REPORTS – These will be accessible to parents on Wednesday 9th December. Parents have an opportunity to touch base with staff before the end of the term if there are any queries or points of clarification.

AGM / PARENT VOLUNTEER THANK YOU – I encourage families to join us at 6pm on Tuesday 1st December for wine and nibbles in the Staffroom. This is an opportunity to thank all our parents for their continued support of our school. The AGM will commence at 6.30pm and classroom teachers for 2021 will be announced.

PERFORMING ARTS CONCERT INFORMATION – We are pleased to announce that our Performing Arts Concert will take place on Wednesday 2 December from 1.30pm in the Undercover Area. The concert promises to be a real treat with the Choirs, Bands and Ensembles sounding rather fabulous. The students have worked so hard on preparing their repertoire and we are extremely proud of them! The Concert will be recorded in case you’re unable to attend.
The program will include the following (not necessarily in this order):

Concert Band
Year 3 & 4 Choir
Solo Spotlight – TBC
Guitar Ensemble
Year 5 & 6 Choir
Rock Band

CHRISTMAS CONCERT INFORMATION – We are pleased to announce that our end of year Christmas Concert will take place on Friday 4 December in the Undercover Area. Please see below for schedule of the day.

9:30am – Kindy (all Kindy classes) & Year One Concert

11am – Pre Primary & Year Two Concert

12 noon – Year 3 & Year 5 Concert

1:30pm – Year 4 & Year 6 Concert

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we welcome parents only to view the concert, and access will be provided to all family members of the performance. Salisbury and Wood Street gates will be open for access.
If students would like to watch their siblings’ class item, parents must email the class teacher in advance and the child will be sent to the Undercover Area at the appropriate time. Siblings are to stay with the parent to watch the performance and return to class on completion.
With the recent COVID-19 restrictions outlined by the Executive Director Dr Debra Sayce, parents will need to leave school grounds immediately after each performance timeslot, to ensure that we are adhering to social distancing measures, and to allow the next group of parents to view the next timeslot.

CLASS TIMES FOR 2021 – Some changes have been made to align our bell times throughout the school. It is also to ensure we meet the requirements of the Teaching Staff EBA (2015). Therefore, the 2021 bell times will be as follows:

8.30am – Doors Open for Kindy – Year 6

8.45am – Doors Open for Pre Kindy

2.45pm – School Finishes for Pre Kindy and Kindy

3pm – School Finishes for Pre Primary – Year 6

As a goodwill gesture, Mr Brennan and I will continue to provide Duty of Care from 8am, in the Undercover area, for children in Pre-Primary – Year 6. However, children will need to wait 30 minutes until entering the classroom. It is important that families discuss the expectations whilst waiting in the Undercover area. To assist parents, we have included the Undercover Area Rules.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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