Newsletter – Friday 27 May 2022

Message from the Principal

My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart.
In choosing to do wrong and failing to do what is good, I have sinned against You whom I should love above all things,
I firmly intend, with Your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin.

Dear Parents and Guardians

WOW WEEK – Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. If we have good well-being, we have high life satisfaction, the ability to manage stress and a sense of purpose in life. Our overall well-being incorporates physical, mental and emotional health. It’s important to look after our well-being in order to live a healthy life. We all need a healthy base from which to live our lives and caring for ourselves is the first step to achieve this. Once we have a strong sense of well-being within ourselves, we can explore the world around us with confidence and reach our potential while enjoying our lives. We can be strong in ourselves, have positive self-esteem and thrive in our lives by looking after our well-being. WOW Week is an opportunity to take time to reflect on how we are looking after ourselves, what areas we are doing well in caring for ourselves and what more we can do to further look after our well-being. Jesus had numerous sabbaticals. He went away to be reenergised through prayer, quiet meditation and to spend personal time with close friends. Jesus, like many of us, was either unable or unwilling to spend large amounts of time away from His responsibilities. So, He maintained a wise rhythm in the midst of His busy life. There are many times we read in the Gospels of Jesus taking time. I hope you find some time in your week to give some time to yourself. In filling our own cup, we are then able to fill the cup of others.

FIRST RECONCILIATION – Our Year Three children will celebrate their First Reconciliation on either 7th June or 8th June at 6pm. Reconciliation offers us a way to keep close to Jesus, it acknowledges that as humans we are not perfect, and we do make poor choices. However, through the Sacrament we can restore our relationship with God. The children recently met with Father Jeronimo and Father Renald and discussed the link between the shepherd and God calling us back to him. The children now have four rehearsals before their Sacrament takes place. I thank the Year 3 teachers and our Education Assistants for working closely with Marina Tassone and Father Jeronimo to ensure this Sacrament in our children’s faith journey is one where they restore their relationship with God and move forward in love.

NATIONAL SORRY DAY AND NATIONAL RECONCILIATION WEEK – This week, children have participated in Buddy Class activities acknowledging being brave and liking change towards in recognising Aboriginal history and culture. Our Bush Tucker Garden is now complete and our students are participating in the National Sorry Day Stepping Stone competition. The winners will complete their design on one of the steppingstones in our new Bush Tucker Garden. We are working towards our smoking ceremony and renaming of the Quiet Area during NAIDOC Week. I thank Miss Marlie Corble Robson and Miss Victoria May for their co-ordination of the Aboriginal Education program in our school.

FATHER FIGURES OF ST PETER’S RUN CLUB – We had a fabulous turn out by our students, parents, and staff to our Run Club at 7:45am at Grand Prom. We had lots of activity and laughs. The children loved marking off laps as they ran with friends and family. These laps will go towards a class total. The weekly leader board will be shared at Friday’s assembly. Thank you, Mr Dave Dawes and Mr Matt Nettleton for working together to build community and fitness at our school.

NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS STORY TIME – This week, on Wednesday 25th May, it was National Simultaneous Story time. At 11am, schools across the nation had the same story read to a group of students. I was very fortunate to be the Guest Speaker for our Year 1 Classes. This year’s chosen novel was Family Tree, written by Josh Pyke and beautifully illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. Family Tree is a heartfelt celebration of family, community, and the seasons of life to cherish and to share. I was so impressed with how our Year One Children engaged with the story and made personal connections with their own lives. Children understood the sadness of when children become older and move away from their mums and dads and recalled the comfort they received from parents during the recent storms. We acknowledge and value diversity of our families. All families are different and should be celebrated.

JUMP ROPE FOR HEART – Thank you to our families for the fabulous support of the Jump Rope for Heart. Our children will be refining their skills in sport and we look forward to some great skipping games throughout the term.

DANCE CLUB – Thank you to Miss Katrina Abreu, Mrs Emily Welsh and Miss Louise Tonus for co-ordinating the Dance Troupe this year. We have had an amazing response with 73 students participating. The rehearsals are conducted after school on a Thursday 3.15pm-4.15pm. The first rehearsal was a fabulous success and Miss Abreu has commented on the outstanding enthusiasm and listening skills of the group. These students will participate in the Performing Arts in mid-August. We are yet to have a confirmed date.

PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE – I encourage our families to participate in this reading challenge that is being promoted in our school. Please check the details further on in the newsletter. A great way to inspire our children to read for pleasure.

RAT TESTS – We continue to distribute the RAT tests at our assemblies, through the office and hand deliver to parents in the Early Childhood classes at pick up and Kiss and Ride. Please do not hesitate to collect a box of the tests from the office, if you have not received yours yet. As we are not allowed to send them home with your children, we appreciate your patience, in accessing them.

ITALIAN WEEK – We look forward to all things Italian next week! Mrs Costa and our students from Pre Primary to Year 6 have been very busy preparing a week of celebrating Italian culture. The fun never stops at St Peter’s.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY – Our staff will be involved in Professional Development on Friday 3rd June. This enables our families to have an extra long weekend. We will see you back at school on Tuesday 7th June.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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