Newsletter – Friday 26 November 2021

Message from the Principal

I’m raising average kids.
They will not be going pro in any sport.
They will not be the Dux of the school.
They will not be landing on the moon.
And they will not be President.
But I pray that they will be extraordinary at love.
They will be the friend who makes homemade soup and delivers it when a family loses a loved one.
They will always return their grocery carts.
They will mow their neighbour’s lawn or take their bin out- just because.
They will know how to listen—especially to those who need it most.
They will make time to return phone calls.
They will still send cards on birthdays.
They will know how to forgive.
They will be empathy givers.
They will know how to say, “I’m sorry.”
They will know how to act vulnerable and cry in someone else’s arms.
Oh, and this one’s important—they’ll know how to love themselves by giving themselves grace, love, time off, and setting boundaries.
Yup. I’m raising average kids.
Average kids who will be extraordinary at LOVE.

Dear Parents and Guardians

REFLECTION – The reflection in the newsletter this week challenges us as parents to look to what is important. We all strive to raise healthy, productive, genuinely happy individuals who will one day use their talents to serve God and love those around them. Unfortunately for us, there is not a manual to help us with our children. We all do our best to bring up our children with love without spoiling them and guidance without being too firm. As we enter the School Report time of year, let us as parents, remember that childhood is not a race to be the best academic, but rather provide them with opportunities to see the ripple effect of their decisions and hard work.

REPORTS – These will be accessible to parents on Wednesday 8th December. Parents have an opportunity to touch base with staff before the end of the term if there are any queries or points of clarification. Accompanying your child’s report will be a copy of their class list for 2022.

AGM/PARENT VOLUNTEER THANK YOU – Thank you for the outstanding attendance at our recent gathering on Tuesday night to acknowledge the hard work of our volunteers and to conduct our AGM. We were delighted to have so many of our parents nominate for both the School Advisory Council and the P&F. We are so very blessed at our school to have an engaged community who work to support our school in service of our community.

We welcome the 2022 P&F:
Renee Bennett – President
Marieka Rendell – Vice President
Henry Pelka – Treasurer
Suzanne Gallagher – Secretary
Natasha Dowson – General Executive Member
Dave Dawes – General Executive Member
Nerida Aitken – General Executive Member

We welcome the 2022 School Advisory Council:
Kelly Matusik
Brett Blanchard
Rozanne O’Kane
Jo Southern
Pip Lapelms
Fiorda Kule
Renee Bennett
Father Jeronimo Flamenco
Hilda Tansley
Pina Hutcheson

CHRISTMAS CONCERT – We look forward to our Christmas Concert and celebration of Performing Arts on Friday 3rd December. We have provided a timetable below with timeframes for items.

9:30am – Kindy (all Kindy classes) – Year Two Concert

11.15am – Recess

11.45am – Year 3 – Year 6 Concert

1:15pm – Lunch

2.15pm – PAF Concert

THANKSGIVING MASS – Today we celebrated and gave thanks for the amazing year we have enjoyed together as a community. Thank you to our Year 4 students for preparing our mass. Every student in the school then donated an item for the St Vinnies Christmas Appeal. It has been said that the true mark of character is not what we have, but what we give away. It is simply a matter of seeing a need, being blessed with the resources required to meet that need, and then acting to meet it. Generosity was certainly on display today! A huge thank you to our families for your support. We were blessed to have the State President of St Vincent de Paul Society, Gladys Demissie, share the work of the society and thank us personally for our involvement in supporting their work throughout the year.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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