Newsletter – Friday 26 June 2020

Message from the Principal

Help us Lord in every way, 
to work our best throughout the day.
Help us Lord to think of others,
through the guidance of Mary our Mother.
Thank you for our caring friends,
whose friendship with us never ends.
Thank you, Jesus, for dying for us,
we love you Lord Jesus.
St Peter….
Pray for us.

Dear Parents and Guardians

ST PETER’S FEAST DAY- Next Friday, we will celebrate our PATRON SAINT, St Peter. Due to restrictions on gatherings, we will celebrate special activities with our Buddy Classes, next Friday. Please look out for the wonderful photographs we share on Facebook and our School Website. You will witness fine examples of TRUE.

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS – Thank you for your support in ensuring our students looked extremely smart as they were photographed this week. They were outstanding in their behaviour and some adorable photographs are heading your way. Our Dougal is a natural! Please see below picture.

CROSS COUNTRY- It is exciting that our Year 3 – 6 children will participate in the Cross Country Carnival. This will be held next week on Thursday 2nd July.
Students will walk down to Grand Prom Reserve with their class teacher 10 minutes before their race time. Students walk back to school with their class teacher once all students in their year group have finished their race. We look forward to running for our faction, cheering each other on, and enjoying our community event. A reminder to all our families that they please maintain social distancing as a spectator group.

REPORTS – The COVID-19 reports will be ready for viewing on Tuesday 30th June. The teachers will meet with parents on Wednesday 1st July commencing at 11am to explain the data supporting the COVID 19 report results. Please take note of where you are meeting as teachers are designated to various points in the school as classes continue.
It is important that parents DO NOT park in the Kiss and Ride areas if their meeting takes place during pick-up. I thank you in advance for your support of the School Parking guidelines. Please note Wednesday 1st July is a normal school day for students.

THANK YOU – As we approach the end of Semester One, I thank the staff of St Peter’s who are an exceptional group of dedicated professionals. I am constantly in awe of their commitment. The depths of their conversations reflect professionals who have a highly developed understanding of good pedagogical practice. I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge all their wonderful work. I have been teaching in Catholic schools for many years now and can say our staff are second to none. May God bless each and every one of them and may they find comfort in the knowledge their vocations as teacher, sages and educators are a lofty and most honourable calling.
I wish to congratulate our students on their commitment to learning in the most challenging of times. Their resiliency and tenacity are certainly a wonderful example to us all. I sincerely thank our parent community for their support and encouragement throughout this semester. It is one that we will never forget and take many learnings from. It has been a privilege to learn more about this wonderful school when faced with adversity and the people inside it have defined our TRUE values throughout the journey.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break. We will see you all refreshed and ready for Term 3 commencing Tuesday 21st July. Please note Monday 20th July is a Pupil Free Day with staff involved in a Professional Development Day.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


Please see below for our gallery of photos from the last two weeks!