Newsletter – Friday 23 August 2019

Message from the Principal

O God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed,
the courage to change what can be changed,
and the wisdom to know the one from the other.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

“Every effort must be made in childhood to teach the young to use their own minds.
For one thing is sure, if they don’t make up their own minds, someone will do it for them.”

J A Beane, A reason to teach: Creating classrooms of dignity and hope.

IPADS – The art of teaching is in many ways becoming the art of introduction. In an ideal, student centred classroom, the teacher serves to bring together the student, the knowledge and/or skills to be explored, and a vehicle by which the two can interact. In integrating iPads into our classrooms, we are careful to maintain teacher guided, student driven learning. Our teachers are ensuring they give maximum space for our students to take command of their growth and that at the centre of the classroom is neither the teacher’s voice nor iPad, but the essential piece of education, the student’s problem-solving mind.

SPEAK UP AWARDS – Congratulations to Nicola Clover (6B), Oliver Tansley (6W) and Grace Forrest (6W) for representing our school at the Interschool finals. Your confidence and ability to deliver in front of a huge crowd was remarkable. Well done!

WELCOME BACK – We welcome back Father Jeronimo after his 10th Anniversary celebrations with family and friends in El Salvador. We look forward to having him back in our community.

CLASS PLACEMENTS FOR 2020 – In my first year as Principal of St Peter’s, I believe it important for me to share my philosophy on class placements. My philosophy is enriched by my experience over 27 years in Catholic Education and 12 years as Principal. Class placements for 2020 will not be finalised until the end of Term 4, once children have finished the year, and teachers have time to meet and conduct handover meetings. Factors which will be taken into account when balancing classes include academic ability, gender, friendships and social and emotional needs. In addition, children with any specific needs are also accommodated. Teachers are also aware of their colleagues’ strengths and talents which they match to the needs of the students. Parents are not privy to this confidential information and therefore entrust the staff and their professional judgment to make the best decisions for the individual children and the class as a whole. Parents can meet with their current class teacher to share any information they feel needs to be considered. Requests for specific teachers will not be a consideration in class placements.
Meeting new and different people is a fact of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support our children through change rather than protect them from it. I am confident that the teachers put a great deal of thought into the class lists and I ask you to trust that the environment your child is going to next year is one in which they will thrive.
Classroom teachers for 2020 will be announced at the 2019 AGM (Tuesday, 3 December at 6.30pm). We will begin the evening at 6pm with a wine and cheese gathering to thank the many parent volunteers we have at this wonderful school. I look forward to seeing you at our AGM, where my speech will be summarised in a Video of the Year (the full speech will be available on our school website following the AGM).
Thank you in anticipation of your support regarding this matter as we enliven TRUE for our students to witness.
The cold wet days can challenge our positive outlook on life. Whilst we have faith in the inevitable arrival of spring, let’s pray for the strength to welcome each new day as a gift from God. It has been said that there are two kinds of people –

Those that wake up with a smile and say, “Good morning, God.”
And those that wake with bleary eyes and say, “Good God, morning!”

Ciao and keep smiling!

Pina Hutcheson


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