Newsletter – Friday 22 February 2019

Message from the Principal

School Prayer

Help us Lord in every way,
to work our best throughout the day.
Help us Lord to think of others,
through the guidance of Mary our Mother.
Thank you for our caring friends,
whose friendship with us never ends.
Thank you, Jesus, for dying for us,
we love you Lord Jesus…
St Peter, 
Pray for us.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

CAMP – Our Year 6 students enjoyed their four days in Waroona and accepted all the challenges along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the students and learn their names. They on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed seeing me get thrown off the sea biscuit and not so keen on the way I assisted them in waking up! (I loved it).

They were a real credit to their parents and to our school. The team spirit and resilience, I witnessed, was something to marvel at. I congratulate the staff on a well-planned and managed event. The positive feedback from parents has been wonderful. It can be summarised by the following email I received:

“A heartfelt thank you to all the staff who went to the camp, who organised activities, participated in activities, braided hair, comforted children, organised the logistics, who helped in any capacity to make this one of the best experiences of our children’s lives. You all created memories for our children that will last a lifetime.
Thank you.”

Please see below for a snapshot of the students at Camp!

CLASS VISITS – I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children and assisting in the learning through my class visits. They are now becoming familiar with me being present and I can be a part of the learning.

However, through my visits, I have a concern about the increasing appearance of Fitbits, Garmins and in some cases, Apple Watches, that children are wearing to school. In several classes I have witnessed, several children who were wearing these devices, and there were alerts and alarms buzzing and ringing at random times throughout the lesson. Naturally, this tends to cause disruption particularly in the younger years. The children were sometimes focussed on the watch rather than the activity in class. I know that no parent sends their child to school with something that would deliberately distract their learning. Please consider what is right for your child to ensure their engagement in their learning. Thanks in anticipation of your support regarding this matter.

P & F- Our first P&F meeting this year began with a scurry of Class Representatives signing up. This enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by the school and your children. I wish to thank in advance, the dynamic team, who have pulled together the Welcome Barbecue. I look forward to seeing you there. The ‘many hands’ in ensuring the success of this ‘community raising’ event are integral to the sense of UNITY that we promote at this great school.

SCHOOL BOARD – At our first Board meeting we conducted an election of the Office Bearers. I am pleased to announce the School Board of 2019:

Chairperson – John Nicolaou
Vice Chairperson – Kelly Matusik
Treasurer – Graham Forrest
Secretary – Pam Svenningsen
Parish Representative – Hilda Tansley
P&F Representative – Emma Butler
General member – Brett Blanchard
General member – Paul Connell
School Leadership – Pina Hutcheson, Paul Brennan and Courtney Dunsire
Parish Priest – Father Jeronimo

SISTER MARGARET: This week, Sr Margaret who is a member of the Parish of St Peter’s Plenary Council Committee, came to collect the surveys. I sincerely thank you for the overwhelming response we received. We now look forward to our school leaders providing their feedback on the Church they wish to be an active member of.

BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays are very special to all children and we like to celebrate their special day. If you wish to supply a treat for the children to help celebrate your child’s birthday, please bring in lollies from the Natural Confectionery Company, for example. Please note, avoid sugary products and no chocolates, nuts or nut products are allowed.

OPENING SCHOOL MASS: We were led by our Year 4 classes today as we celebrated our First Eucharistic celebration together. We welcomed new students, families and the following staff to St Peter’s; Kathryn Carter, Natalie Giglia, Natalie Kenny, Gracie Benis, Annabella Hunter, Fran Hewitt and Vicki Stillisano. It was lovely to see some family members join us for this celebration. We sincerely thank Father Jeronimo for celebrating this Mass with us.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson