Newsletter – Friday 21 May 2021

Message from the Principal


Dear Friend,
I pray that you may enjoy good health
and all may go well with you,
even as your soul is getting along well.

3 John 1:2

Dear Parents and Guardians

WEEK OF WELLNESS – This week, at St Peter’s Primary School, we celebrated WOW Week together.
In Pre-Primary, we started the week off with a ‘Bang’ with no designated Reading, Maths Games or High Frequency Words sent home.
Then, as a class we discussed what we could do during our Week of Wellness with our families.
We went to the park after school, built cubbies, played dress-ups and cooked with our families instead of completing our homework.
We posted photographs of how we spent our WOW Week on Seesaw during the week.
Ms Dee went home at 3:30pm each day and she spent the afternoons walking her Dachshund, Guani Bear, going to the library and having a nap on the couch!
The feedback and support from the Pre Primary parents was overwhelmingly positive and I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, the children or the parents!
A huge shout-out to the Leadership Team for supporting our wellness.

The Pre-Primary White Class of 2021

“Hi Rebecca, I hope you’re well. I just wanted to share some photos from Day 1 of WOW Week. We went to Dianella Open Space after school. The girls did cartwheels, chatted about their day and counted their steps. This is such a great initiative. Kind regards, Desiree.”

I truly hope families were able to enjoy WOW Week. Our students have certainly given it the thumbs up. We will continue with this new initiative in Week 5 of Term 3. Please see our gallery of our wonderful PPW students making the most of WOW week!

ENROLMENTS – I am pleased to announce that our enrolments for this year stand at 760 and this includes our Pre Kindy students. We are full in Kindergarten 2022 with a waitlist. Our 2023 enrolments currently stand at 34. I encourage our families to get their enrolment forms in for the Kindy 2023 school year.

P&F EVENTS – I thank Michelle Carter for the huge amount of work prior to, during and after our very popular Mother’s Day Stall. It is an amazing sign of the engagement of our parents that we had 47 helpers in total. We were delighted to send out Certificates of Appreciation to acknowledge their involvement and support.

SCHOOL DISCO – We are working with Jo Southern regarding the School Disco, for Years 1 – 6,which will take place on Thursday 3rd June, with the following day being Pupil Free. I thank her and the team for their planning to ensure it is enjoyable for the students. Once again, they are well supported by parent volunteers. The Leadership team will also be in attendance on the evening. It is fabulous to have our P&F active again in our school as restrictions ease in our state.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLY – Parents are now encouraged to attend our Award Assemblies on Friday at 2pm. We look forward to having you there and I am sure your children will be delighted. We are always grateful for the state in which we live and the easing of Covid restrictions.

SUPPORT HUB – I am pleased to announce that St Peter’s families and staff are accessing the services of the Speech Pathologist and Psychologist who are working in our Support Hub this year. This wrap around service will ensure that our students are supported in a collaborative and timely manner. Please contact the school office if you would like further information to access these services.

SCHOOL UNIFORM – At a recent P&F meeting, senior students put forward suggested changes to the uniform regarding equity for girls when playing and moving. The P&F will now form a Uniform sub – committee and will present changes and costs at a P&F meeting later in the year. The School Board and P&F are delighted to supported the ‘voice of the child’ St Peter’s.

PARENT TRIBES – We are kicking off our initiative of Parent Tribes with Kindy and Pre Primary parents. Our Kindy will focus on Speech Intervention with
Mrs Genevieve Saldanha and the services provided by Mr Terry Andrews the Psychologist based at our school. Pre Primary will enjoy a session provided by our Social Worker, Mrs Jenny Biancotti, where they will examine ‘Big Emotions’ and link in with the Zones of Regulation embedded in our Behaviour Support Policy. There has been an overwhelming response by our parents with recent enrolments to the ‘Big Emotions’ workshop. We are extremely encouraged.

PERFORMING ARTS – I wish to congratulate our students, who are well supported by their parents, music tutors and the wonderful Mrs Powell. We have 49 entries which consists of 283 children participating in a variety of performances in the Catholic Arts Festival this year. We are very proud of all of them for their commitment and preparedness to challenge themselves and perform in this wonderful CEWA event.

TEACHING SPRINT PD – The whole staff will be involved in a Professional Development workshop facilitated by Mrs Katrina Bonetti on Friday 4th June. The Teaching Sprint workshop will focus on developing further our teaching pedagogy around WILFs and differentiating them to develop self-regulated learners.

CONFIRMATION WORKSHOPS – Thank you to our families for their support of the Confirmation Workshops. We look forward to celebrating Confirmation on
12th and 13th June. We are extremely grateful to have The Most Reverend Archbishop Timothy Costelloe as the main celebrant at these Masses.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


Please see below for our gallery of photos