Newsletter – Friday 21 February 2020

Message from the Principal

“Thankfulness is a major part of wellbeing.
It creates inner wellbeing,
an inner harmony
and when our inner harmony goes missing,

we are miserable.”
Judith Rice Harris

Dear Parents and Guardians

As parents we might hope that our children will learn to be thankful for the way we live our lives before them. We can demonstrate through our actions and words our thankfulness for all that is in our lives. We can tell them how thankful we are to have them in our lives. We can spend more time with them instead of buying them more toys and games and so teach them the value of relationships over material gifts. We can tell our children that we like it when they say, “thank you”. We can encourage our children to be thankful for the inspiration that surrounds them: to marvel at the power of the wind, the immensity of the ocean, the perfection of the night sky, the rugged beauty of the natural environment.
This year, we will work with our students to create an understanding around all that there is to be thankful for and how we can carry out acts of mercy in our community and beyond. I challenge all those within our community to reflect on their commitment to thankfulness and large-heartedness.

                  • Another word for Mercy – Large-heartedness
                  • What will large-heartedness look like at St Peter’s Primary School?

WHOLE SCHOOL MASS – It was fabulous to see our families, join with parishioners, in celebrating our Opening School Mass today. We were proud of the way in which our students participated in the Mass with reverence and enthusiasm in singing the hymns. I also believe our wonderful priest, Father Jeronimo is so very welcoming and engaging to us all. It was exciting to have our Leadership Ministries express their commitment to their roles at this Mass along with welcoming our new students and staff. A wonderful start to our faith journey together at St Peter’s in 2020.

OUR 2020 COMMITMENTS – As outlined at the Parent Information Night, our work this year will focus on the following key areas. I am extremely impressed with the enthusiasm of our staff to contribute to our school improvement plan with vigour and shared commitment.


LEARNING – Develop a collective approach to student thinking, learning and teaching which includes critical and creative thinking skills and processes.
Establish a consistent approach to Numeracy and Literacy lessons and encourage students to strive for greater success.
Develop a whole school wellbeing program which involves leaders, teachers, support staff, students, parents and the wider community.

ENGAGEMENT – Develop a whole school Aboriginal Education Plan which integrates environmental awareness and responsibility.
Develop whole school communication strategies and tools for parents to ensure consistency across classes.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Develop Student Ministry groups with key priority portfolios.
Review existing Information Technology plan and upgrade Digital Technology equipment and education plan to support integration across the curriculum.

DISCIPLESHIP – To complement the Parish in developing Catholic Identity through a strong family, Parish and school partnership which supports Church etiquette and attendance.
Continue to strengthen relationships with the Bedford-Inglewood Parish through outreach programs.

RESPECT FOR OUR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES – In outlining to our families the Traffic Management guidelines, our core purpose, is the safety of our students. It is somewhat ironic that at times we confront difficulties in enforcing the Parking Guidelines with parents of those we wish to keep safe. At our school, we have a current enrolment of 734 students. At drop off and pickup, we have 501 families wishing to collect their children. Granted some children are at After School Care, yet we have a huge number dropping and collecting each day. By 3.09pm the traffic is at a minimum. I know this because I have been monitoring traffic over the past three weeks. If 501 families ordered a cheeseburger at a local takeaway, at the same time, I’m positive all orders would not be received in 9 minutes. I humbly suggest making arrangements to come after 3.10pm. The Kiss and Ride is empty, and children are supervised by staff until 3.20pm. To support and encourage safe and respectful parking our Leadership Team along with Mrs De Cinque will monitor both
Wood Street and Salisbury Street. Thanks, in anticipation of your support.

NETBALL – As the exciting Netball season begins, I wish to thank in advance, our Co ordinators, Annalisa Hutchinson and Laila Gizzarelli for ensuring all information from the Noranda Netball Club is disseminated and collated. As all students play under the name of
St Peter’s, it is important that their behaviour reflects that which is expected by our school. I also remind our parents that they too are representatives of our school name and core values. We look forward to a season of skill development, teamwork, exercise and fun. To ensure our Year 5 and 6 students enjoy a season of team playing, with like skill set competitors, grading takes place by outside providers. This will ensure equity for all. This is fabulous preparation for what occurs by all clubs in secondary schooling.

DIGITAL NUTRITION – In this week’s newsletter we are providing an article providing parents with advice on ‘digital nutrition’.

CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT SUB-COMMITTEE – We will be seeking interest from parents with a capital development background to develop a School Board Capital Development Sub-Committee. Please contact me if you would like to offer your expertise. Meeting requirements would be minimal.

SMS SERVICE – St Peter’s Primary School provides an SMS service to parents / guardians to inform the school of serious matters
e.g. Absentees / Notifications. Whilst the service allows parents / guardians to reply to the school, we would appreciate parents consider the nature of the text. Derogatory, racial and abusive replies are not acceptable. Any parent who is in breach of breaking the Code of Conduct in this way will be called in to discuss this matter further with the Principal.

PUPIL FREE DAY – Reminder – Friday 28 February is a Pupil Free Day as staff take part in a Professional Development Day.
St Peter’s OSHC will still be running on this day from 6.30am-6pm. Please note – families must provide their own food on this day.
St Peter’s OSHC will not be providing food. I wish all our families an enjoyable long weekend!

As we work together as a Catholic school community this year let us:
Live in the present
Revere tradition
Create the future

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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