Newsletter – Friday 19 March 2021

Message from the Principal

by the light of the Holy Spirit
you have taught the hearts of your faithful.
In the same Spirit
help us to relish what is right
and always rejoice in your consolation.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Dear Parents and Guardians

ENROLMENTS – Another reminder to our parents to ensure all Kindy enrolments are completed for 2022. We are already at capacity for this year group and need to advise new families soon of their enrolment. Thanks in advance for your support regarding this matter.

RIDE TO SCHOOL – Congratulations to the many families who participated in Ride to School initiative. There were a few parents who made comment that they had discovered some new muscles! We had a huge uptake as our photographs show. We had such a great morning and I encourage families to support this activity as an ongoing behaviour. We look forward to seeing everyone back with their bikes next week. A huge thank you to Michelle Prior for coordinating the event and to the many parent helpers who greeted the riders this morning. Another wonderful example of our community demonstrating our core value of unity.

TIMETABLE – As explained by Miss Dunsire in the Parent Teacher video at the beginning of the year, we are currently trialling new bell times and the use of the school play areas. The new bell times are as follows:

8:30am Classroom Doors Open
8:45am Classes Begin
11:15 -11:35am Recess
1:15 -1:55pm Lunch
3pm Dismissal

We have coordinated this trial because of the following reasons:
1. Brain research shows productivity is higher in the morning than the afternoon – impact efficiency.
2. Staff feedback – they have seen a higher level of concentration and working more efficiently in the morning blocks.
3. St Peter’s is committed to best practice.
4. Students now have an additional 35 minutes in the morning teaching block, so we will continue to encourage all students to bring in their crunch and sip.

We will continue this trial throughout Semester One and then look forward to receiving feedback from students, teachers and parents to see if the change of break times has had the desired effect on student engagement in their learning.
We will also survey our students on their experience of having access to all areas of the school playground. Teachers have already found the recorded instances of issues on the playground has halved in comparison to this time last year.
As we promote our TRUE Inquiry Model in the teaching and learning suite at St Peter’s, it is excellent modelling to our students, that staff are also exploring research and investigating opportunities to engage in best practice.

INDONESIAN – It is with mixed emotions that I share that Wida Harding, our Indonesian teacher, has been appointed to St Simon Peter in Ocean Reef. This school is close to home and provides Wida with the opportunity to grow the program. Our loss is their gain. It is important to note that Chisholm High School, our major feeder high school dropped Indonesian in 2019 due to lack of uptake from students. After contacting our feeder high schools and requesting data on the language uptake of students, Italian is the language with the highest selection rates. We are currently working with the Italo Society to select our Italian teacher. We will commence the new language program at the beginning of Term 2. The staff will farewell Mrs Harding next week and wish her every success in her new position.

ABORIGINAL ART – Our students have been working with the Aboriginal artist, Fiona Reidy, in creating a Yarning Circle in the Quiet Area. This will be a gathering point for classes to reflect, discuss and collaborate.

PARISH MASSES – We have begun our Masses with the Parish community. It is a joy to celebrate Eucharistic celebrations with our Parish members. We thank Father Jeronimo for being inclusive of our school.

SCHOOL VISITS – Every Wednesday, a class cohort welcomes Father Jeronimo into their classrooms. Father will speak on a topic the children have been addressing in their Religious Education classes or a discussion on a significant time in the Church calendar. We are blessed to work alongside our Parish Priest in the evangelisation of our students.

PARKING – A reminder to parents – Parking is strictly forbidden in the Mercy Daycare car park.

YEAR 3 AND YEAR 5 NAPLAN 2021 – Parents of Year 3 and Year 5 students will receive an information brochure on NAPLAN 2021. The tests are scheduled to begin in Term 2, Week 4. Any questions about NAPLAN in addition to the information provided are to be directed to classroom teachers.

CONFIRMATION COMMITMENT MASSES – I thank our families for supporting their children on their faith journey. Their attendance at the commitment Masses this weekend is an important part of the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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