Newsletter – Friday 19 February 2021

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians

WELCOME – Welcome to the 2021 school year! Seeing the smiling faces of our students getting into the swing of school this week has been fabulous. I’m pretty sure there were smiles on the faces of our masked adults’ tool! I’m sure you’d all agree that being mask free is a time for celebration. We are delighted to welcome our new families who have come from far and wide, and we are very happy that you have joined our community. This year, we welcome our 19 3-Year-old students and 21 new students throughout the school and therefore we begin the year with 756 students. The school is thriving, and is a school of choice, due to the fabulous community we have here at
St Peter’s. I thank you all in advance for supporting the school uniform policy. You can refer to this on our school website. Uniform List
Our core values of Respect and Excellence and be reflected in the way our students present themselves for learning. This important life skill requires both the home and school to work together.
Our classrooms look amazing and ready for learning. I thank our teachers and support staff for investing a lot of time in getting them to look welcoming and be truly functional. Our TRUE Inquiry room is ready for the opportunities all students will experience through open- ended, hands on inquiry-based tasks. Our students are extremely fortunate to have this new addition to our learning environment and I sincerely thank our P&F for co funding the improvements.


PARENT INFORMATION NIGHT – Thank you for your understanding as we adapted our Parent Information Night to a virtual presentation. I congratulate our staff on their agility and ability to respond to COVID restrictions in a timely manner. This year, our focus was on our Student Support Policy, Student Wellness, Code of Conduct, Timetable Changes and Student Learning Maps. I thank parents for their understanding as we work within the CEWA guidelines and continue to communicate and engage with our families. Please click the link to view our 2021 Communication Mandate – St Peter’s Communication mandate 2021_
To record an absentee, please do not email the teacher – instead please call 08 9338 9901 or email

SUPPORT HUB – This year, with the CEWA Psychologists moving to a different site, we have been able to access the offices and work towards creating a wraparound service on our school site. We currently have our Curriculum Leader, Angela Seal and School Social Worker, Jenny Biancotti operating on the second floor of the Admin building. I am happy to announce we will now have a Speech Pathologist and Psychologists using our rooms in 2021. This wraparound service will ensure that our students are supported in a collaborative and timely manner. Parents will be able to access the services on site and these services will be able to work with the teachers to provide ‘point of need’ intervention.
Please click the link to view our in-house Speech Pathologist details and price list. GS Speech Pathology – Flyer St Peters
GS Speech Pathology – Price List

LITURGICAL SINGING – We have commenced a Liturgical Singing session for all students from Years PP- 6, on a Thursday, in the Church. This ensures the children are aware of the hymns to be sung at our Eucharistic Celebrations and allows them to enjoy singing as a whole school. It also enables us to share the appropriate responses and church etiquette expectations. Mrs Marina Powell and the Leadership Team facilitate these sessions weekly. I thank our Parish for being accommodating with the use of the Church.

ASH WEDNESDAY SCHOOL MASS – Staff and students came together on Wednesday, in the Undercover area, to celebrate our Ash Wednesday Mass. I thank our Year 6 students for preparing this Eucharistic celebration.
The students were congratulated on their reverence as we were reminded that God sent his only son Jesus so that we could have eternal life.

SCHOOL BOARD / P&F / NEW STAFF COMMISSIONING MASS – We will come together and ask for God’s blessings as we work together for the students of St Peter’s, this Sunday 21st February, at the 10am Mass. It would be lovely to see members of our community join us for this special Eucharistic celebration.

RESPECT FOR OUR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES – In outlining to our families the Traffic Management guidelines, our core purpose, is the safety of our students. It is somewhat ironic that at times we confront difficulties in enforcing the Parking Guidelines with parents of those we wish to keep safe. At our school, we have a current enrolment of 756 students. At drop off and pickup, we have 508 families wishing to collect their children. Granted some children are picked up at the door or at After School Care, yet we have a huge number dropping and collecting each day. By 3.15pm the traffic is at a minimum. I know this because I have been monitoring traffic over the past two weeks. May I suggest planning to come after 3.10pm. The Kiss and Ride is readily accessible, and children are supervised by staff until 3.20pm. To support and encourage safe and respectful parking, our Leadership Team will monitor both Wood Street and Salisbury Street. Thanks, in anticipation of your support. A huge thank you to the many parents who follow the guidelines and respect the safety of all. Please find attached a copy of the guidelines. Please share them with family members who will assist with the pickup and drop off. Click here to view St Peter’s Traffic Management Guidelines. TRAFFIC AND MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES

P&F MEETING – Thank you to the parents who attended our first P&F Meeting. They kindly adhered to the COVID Safe guidelines with signing in, maintaining 1.5m distance and adhering to the 2m rule. It is wonderful following our meeting to have our P&F Calendar organised, volunteers ready to go and our first event, ‘Picnic on the Green’ on Friday 26th March from 4pm until 6.30pm. The involvement of our parents is an essential ingredient in the success of our students and community. We look forward to the opportunities of 2021.

On 28th January, the Leadership team joined our new staff at St Mary’s Cathedral for the Commissioning of Staff. I leave you with the blessing prayer that will inspire and guide us throughout this school year.

Loving God
From the great abundance of your grace,
grant your blessing to these your people.
May they fulfil their vocation in Catholic Education
with the heart and mind of Christ.
May they contribute to Christ centred communities
where respectful relationships are formed.
May they contribute to creating engaged learning
environments that educate the whole person and encourage students to discover the joy of learning.
May they use their gifts and resources generously and responsibly in the service of their communities.
May they grow in building your Kingdom and inspire all to actively live the Gospel.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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