Newsletter – Friday 18 February 2022

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians

SCHOOL LEADERS – Our first assembly took place today and we were extremely impressed by the strong leadership of our Year 6 Ministry groups. Their leadership was organised, upbeat and created a sense of community in our online forum. Our merit awards went home with the happy recipients and all their families received a photograph of the exciting achievement.

EXTREME HEAT POLICY – As the heatwave persists in Perth, I wish to assure our St Peter’s families that we are reminding students to apply sunscreen before each break and children are encouraged to take food, water and shade breaks. I have attached our Extreme Heat policy for you to be aware of. Extreme Weather Policy
As many of you are aware Years 4-6 have utilised Grand Prom oval for the past year. Prior to the decision to utilise this Oval, I received feedback from the Years 1-3 students regarding not being able to play on the large oval (with the older students). In addition, we were experiencing a number of injuries with our older students, when trying to play soccer, footy, etc on the oval. Prior to leaving for Grand Prom at lunch time, the students apply sunscreen, and take with them their hats, lunch and water. When we begin our school build of the Early Childhood Centre, which I announced at the Parent Welcome evening on 2 February this year, we will have occasions where there will be limited oval space. It will be a blessing that our students will be well-versed in the use of the Grand Prom Oval.
When we move to Plan B in classrooms, our teachers provide a variety of activities once the children have eaten. Examples can be seen in our gallery below.

ASH WEDNESDAY – We will celebrate a Liturgy of the Word in each classroom and Father Jeronimo will bless the ashes at the 9am Mass. The teachers will distribute the ashes following the Covid regulations from CEWA. The ashes will be sprinkled with cotton wool, rather than with the teachers’ hand, on the forehead of each child.
Ash Wednesday begins our forty-day season of Lent that leads to Easter. On Ash Wednesday, we come together like the people of the Old Testament to remind ourselves that we do not always follow God’s ways and that we need to ask for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Like God’s people in the time of the prophets, we wear ashes to show that we want to turn away from whatever keeps us from God, and to have a change of heart, so that we can live in peace and in joy with God and with each other.

WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP – If you have any concerns about your child’s education, the first point of call is the class teacher. Sometimes a message on Seesaw or email is not enough. If you require a meeting, our teachers are very obliging, and this can be arranged at a mutual convenient time over the phone. As I stated in all my enrolment meetings, we want to work in partnership with you, for the benefit of your child’s whole education.

COVID UPDATE – Thank you to all families for responding so diligently with the restrictions that have been placed on schools by The Chief Health Officer. The conditions of entry to schools have become quite restrictive and I am aware of the difficulties this can cause. As your child’s educators, we rely on our partnership with parents to help us care for children during this challenging and confusing time. Our paramount consideration in all we do is the safety and well-being of the children in our care. Our expert advice is that the steps we have taken will help keep our school open, and our children, families, and community well. I think you will agree that our mutual child-focused purpose should take precedence over all other inconveniences and adjustments to routines. Once again thank you to all the wonderful families who are adhering to the new restriction’s requirements.

VENTILATION AUDIT – This week an assigned company came through the school to test the ventilation of every room across the school in an audit arranged by CEWA. We are yet to receive the report. Any room that does not meet the ventilation requirements will be clearly marked. Air purifiers will be purchased and placed in these rooms. The health and well-being of all our students and staff is our top priority.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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