Newsletter – Friday 15 May 2020

Message from the Principal

Looking forward with Optimism!
When there is faith in the future, there is power in the present.
Pray, plan and look forward with optimism.
Let’s continue to walk with confidence.
No matter what life brings us, it’s going to be well with our soul
because God is with you.
Lord, may we embrace the rest of this year with a positive, faith-filled attitude,
so that we can expect the best from You and give you our best.

Dear Parents and Guardians

On the feast day of the Patron Saint of Teachers, St John Baptist de La Salle, it is very appropriate for me to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the wonderful support and generosity that you have displayed during the COVID-19 pandemic. I congratulate the staff and parents of the St Peter’s community for your agility and commitment to continuing to focus on Christ-centred and child-focused learning environments; even when children were physically separated from the physical buildings of our schools, this has been remarkable.
St John Baptist de La Salle reminded us that “to touch the hearts of your students is the greatest miracle you can perform.” I know that during this period of great uncertainty and upheaval, many ‘miracles’ have been performed in so many ways by the staff of St Peter’s. Our children are, and must always be, the primary focus of what we do.
The health and safety of all students and staff remain our highest priority. During this uniquely challenging time, we will continue to focus on the care and well-being of students, staff and families as outlined in the parent bulletin sent to all families on Wednesday 13 May.

PARENT INFORMATION – It is extremely important that parents have read the latest bulletin sent to all families (Wednesday 13 May). It clearly outlines processes and procedures moving forward in the ‘new norm’ of Term 2.

PARENT SURVEY – We welcome parent feedback to assist us in developing a clear sense of the parent voice in our school. This assists us in the development and refining of our school communication and processes. We will soon send all families a survey to complete on St Peter’s response and communication during the Covid-19 pandemic. I encourage you to complete the survey.

BIKE RIDERS – It is fabulous to see so many children riding to school at the moment. It is a wonderful way to keep fit, demonstrate independence, and certainly alleviates traffic around our school. Please consider riding or parking away from the school and parents leading a walking school bus to the gate.

SQUIRTLE SQUAD – Congratulations to our amazing Year 4 students who developed a song to remind us of the importance of hygiene practices at school. They developed the lyrics and music this week. Next week we look forward to the actions. I think this may become our COVID-19 theme song. Make sure you check it out.

Click here to view the video Squirtle Video
We will have the performance posted on Facebook!

Let us take the lead of our amazing students and move forward with great optimism and enthusiasm as we come together as a community for the remainder of Term 2. This global pandemic has taught us to focus on what truly matters in education – the people and our relationships with them. Let us stop to identify our students’ gifts, their strengths, and their unique self. Let us see this time we just spent as a wonderful opportunity for educators and parents to work together – for these unique and wonderful children we are committed to. This global pandemic may be the time we finally shift and see each other for who we truly are!

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


Please see below for our gallery of photos from the last two weeks!