Newsletter – Friday 13 May 2022

Message from the Principal

O Mary, my dear Mother, how much I love thee! And yet in reality how little!
Thou dost teach me what I ought to know, for thou teachest me what Jesus is to me and what I ought to be for Jesus.
Dearly beloved Mother, how close to God thou art, and how utterly filled with Him!

Dear Parents and Guardians

MOTHER’S DAY – Today, we welcomed our Year 2 families back for our first assembly today and we were very excited to have our wonderful families back in the audience. We welcomed mothers, grandmothers, aunties and carers to the morning assembly. The special guests were entertained by our Year 2 Class and we learnt lots about the Year 2 mums and their special ‘Super Powers.’
I sincerely thank our P&F for their enormous commitment of time and energy in ensuring that we give thanks for the mothers in the St Peter’s Community with the wonderful gifts at the Mothers’ Day stall. A huge commitment over two days and all the preparation leading up the event. The stall was amazing and there were many happy mums on Sunday. Well done to Mrs Natalie Palermo-Martin for her commitment and dedication to the smooth running of the Mothers’ Day Stall. We also thank Kelly Marevic for assisting in serving on the two days. I hope all our St Peter’s mothers, grandmothers, aunties and carers had a wonderful day. A day which celebrated and honoured mothers and all they do in loving unconditionally.

WINTER UNIFORM – As a staff, we have observed some different combinations with the Winter Uniform. I have included a copy of the Winter Uniform Policy. All teachers are aware of the requirements and will ensure that they are adhering to the requirements. This year, our school photos will commence in Week 10 of Term Two, on
Monday 27 June. All children from Years 1-6 are required to be dressed in full winter uniform (including a tie and jumper). Children in Kindy and Pre-Primary will wear their faction sports top.

• Maroon tunic or skirt (skirt -Years 4-6 only), or grey long trousers
• White long or short sleeve shirt
• School tie
• Correct black school shoes (lace-up)
• White socks / tights
• Maroon school jumper

• Grey long trousers (or shorts)
• White long or short sleeve shirt
• School tie
• Correct black school shoes (lace-up)
• Short grey school socks with Dominican Stripe
• Maroon school jumper

CUBS – The Cubs Program has begun for Year 5 students this term. The program is an 8-week self-development program for primary school students. The program is primarily targeted at Year 5 & Year 6 students, teaching them the most important life skills they require to succeed in 2022 and beyond. These include skills such as social media usage, modern time management and resilience. The Cubs Program was built on the back of the hugely successful ‘Wolf Pack Program’ that now runs in over 25+ high schools annually for Years 10-12 students. Our sincere gratitude to our P&F who are funding the 8-week program for our students.

PERFORMING ARTS – Thank you for the wonderful response we had to the Catholic Education Performing Arts enrolments. A big thank you to Mrs Georgie Bertoldo for coordinating the submission for us. We have had 29 entries which consists of solos, duets and band. We look forward to celebrating our musicians, for the rest of the school to enjoy, in Term 3.

NAPLAN – This Tuesday, we began NAPLAN testing at our school for Years 3 and 5. We will continue with the testing next Monday and Wednesday with catch up sessions provided. We understand that there has been disruption for many families due to Covid. This is unavoidable and we will note absence due to Covid.
I know the children will put their best effort into the testing but, at the same time, recognise that it is just another assessment. All children complete numerous assessments throughout the school year and it is through the analysis of these results that teachers tailor their programs to accommodate the needs of the children.
With the National Testing taking place, and with school reports being issued at the end of this term, I would like to share with you some wise words from Albert Einstein.

At St Peter’s, we will continue to celebrate and nurture the many and varied gifts our students possess, as they strive to reach, their God given potential.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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