Newsletter – Friday 12 June 2020

Message from the Principal

“I give thanks to the Lord for this new day.
I ask for the grace to be available to his will in my life.
I offer my day to the Lord that all those who suffer may find their way in life,
allowing themselves to be touched by the Heart of Jesus. “

Dear Parents and Guardians

BIG THANK YOU – Last week, our staff were extremely grateful for the morning tea and coffee provided by our wonderful P&F and School Board. This kind gesture was provided to recognise the extraordinary effort by the St Peter’s staff to manage the Online Learning and Pastoral Care of our students and families. There were certainly happy customers here.

KINDY INTERVIEWS – Our current enrolments for Kindy 2021 are at 86. We are extremely pleased with these numbers at this time of the year. Overall, we have had 24 new enrolments across the school this year. Our enrolment numbers are currently at 739 students. I believe our enrolment numbers are a testament to the outstanding community of students, parents and staff at St Peter’s Primary School.

3-YEAR-OLD PROGRAM – Attached to this newsletter is a survey regarding interest in a 3-Year-Old Program. We will also survey our prospective enrolments to establish the interest in a 3-Year-Old Program for 2021. The intention is to commence with a whole day program, every Friday. The program will be facilitated by Mrs Rita Panebianco.
Please click the link to express your interest in a 3-Year-Old program Expression of Interest for 3 Year Old Pre-Kindy

TWITTER ACCOUNT – We now have a school Twitter account to promote the outstanding teaching and learning opportunities facilitated at our school. We have linked our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We also have a Twitter account for Dougal and have many schools come to seek advice on the benefits of a Therapy Dog. These platforms all contribute to the successful promotion of our school.

STUDENT BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT POLICY – We are back on track to finalising our whole school policy, for release to parents in Term 3. We have had several staff work parties contribute to the policy development. Our whole school approach will ensure consistency around expectations, procedures and processes regarding student
well-being and behaviour.

ONLINE LEARNING SURVEY – We had 149 families respond to our survey. I believe it is important to share the information with all in our community. The data is attached for parents to view – please click the link Remote Learning School Survey Results 8-6-2020
In summary, we are extremely pleased with the feedback and will unpick the data as a staff, to inform ourselves, post COVID-19 reflections. Several of the parents were disappointed in the messaging from CEWA regarding the return to Term 2. However, the comment section can be summarised by the following statement:
“The St. Peter’s staff have been amazing. They have gone above and beyond to ensure the children and parents are well supported. The Leadership team have led by example, placing themselves on the front line to help with pickup/drop off. We have been very happy!”

REPORTING – Our last school newsletter explained the COVID-19 report which will be used in all WA Catholic Schools. The parent/teacher interviews on Wednesday, 1 July, will clearly explain the report and the data used to make the professional judgements teachers have made. Please be aware this is a normal school day. It is not a Pupil Free Day. Kindy Parent/Teacher meetings will take place in Term 3.

ONLINE PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOURS – In Term 3, we will have Paul Litherland (ex-Police Officer) from Surf Online Safe present to our Year 5/6 students and conduct a parent workshop. He will cover Cyber Bullying, Digital Citizenship, Online Footprint, Social Networking, Online Gaming and Website Use, Information Sharing, Sexting and Sexploitation and The Law. It is important to remind our children of the appropriate behaviours whilst online. It is also very important to upskill and inform our parents in the management of their child’s behaviour online.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM – Phase 3 will enable parishes in the Archdiocese to resume some sacramental celebrations. We are currently working with the Parish to enable the celebration of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion later in the year.
We will still need to ensure physical distancing of one (1) person per 2 square metres is observed inside the Church. With large cohort sizes and an ongoing restriction of 100 people, we will wait to see how this will look in our parish to ensure the sacredness of the events.
We will continue to collaborate with the Church to make decisions about activities associated with the Sacraments such as parent-child workshops and adult Sacrament formation opportunities, with appropriate provisions made for physical distancing and cleaning regimes.
Class Masses will recommence in Term 3.

FATHER JERONIMO’S 11TH ANNIVERSARY – The Leadership Team joined Father Jeronimo for morning tea on Friday to celebrate his 11th year, serving the Church as a Priest. We are grateful for the wonderful support we receive from Father Jeronimo and his spiritual leadership for our community.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson


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