Newsletter – Friday 11 November 2022

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians

Feeling extra busy at this time of the year? Rushing around, end of year school functions, Christmas parties to go to, making sure you at least start a Christmas shopping list, etc, etc. Whilst trying to keep a peaceful smile – not just on your face – but in your heart.

This is where “the rubber meets the road” as they say.

Am I a peaceful, encouraging, trusting person who does not let stress get to me? For as it says in scripture: “Do not worry what to wear… do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worry of its own.” “In ALL things trust in God.”

Jesus came into this world to give us peace and, as he was leaving his disciples, he reiterated this:

“And peace I leave with you.”

May we extend this peace to all we meet in this “busy stressful” time of Christmas. And most importantly be peaceful within yourself.

P&F BAKE SALE – Thank you to our families who supported the Bake Sale yesterday. The standard of baking was extraordinary, and the number of donations was greatly appreciated. We are so grateful to be able to celebrate these wonderful events and bring our community together to give thanks for each other and the ongoing support from parents. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to purchase the baked delights!  Congratulations to our amazing P&F and, to Suz Gallagher and her team of volunteers, our sincere appreciation.

REMEMBRANCE DAY – We held a special ceremony this morning to remember all those who have died in war. The Year Six students led the school in a prayer service to keep alive the memories of those who laid down their lives for the sacred cause of freedom. Our students received a red poppy and were encouraged to be reverent and respectful on this day of remembrance. I also thank our Year Six leaders, Dion Aleksoski, Mia Threadgate and Ava Chatley, who represented our school at the Mt Lawley Memorial and laid a wreath on behalf of St Peter’s Primary School.

CAMP – Next week, our Year Six students will enjoy camp at Safety Bay. It will be a wonderful week of adventure, challenges, celebrations and friendship. The Year Six leaders can be very proud of the way they have conducted themselves and supported each other this year. Camp will be a wonderful reward for all they have contributed to our school.  I congratulate Matt Nettleton, Jo Carbone and Justin Fiume on their dedicated planning of this experience. I thank our dedicated staff, Paul Brennan, Jacqui Law, Fran Hewitt, Emily Welsh and Samantha Arnold, who will assist the Year Six teachers with the supervision of groups. I look forward to joining the students and assisting them with the early rise in the mornings! I’m sure the experiences at Safety Bay will be memories our Year Six students will cherish for a lifetime.

THANK YOU/AGM – On Tuesday, 22nd November, we will show our appreciation to all the wonderful P&F volunteers we have been able to welcome back into our school after Covid restrictions. Following this, all are welcome to attend the AGM at 6.30pm in the School Library. We look forward to seeing you there – where teachers for 2023 will be announced!

THANKSGIVING MASS – We will celebrate our last Mass for the year on Friday, 25th November, at St Peter the Apostle Church.  This Mass will be an opportunity to thank God for the many gifts that He has given our school community. It is also a time to celebrate the Year Six students and staff who will be leaving us at the end of this year. The President of Vinnies has asked to attend to personally thank our school for our support throughout the year. We will be presenting our Christmas donations to the Vinnies Christmas Appeal at this Mass. Parents are most welcome to join us for this special Eucharist celebration in the church. This day of celebration and mission will continue with the Parish Fun Run in the afternoon.

PERFORMING ARTS CONCERT – This will take place in our new Library space at 2pm on Thursday, 1st December. Mrs Powell is excited to be hosting the concert in our new space.  At this concert, we will showcase the outstanding talent that we have across our school. Mrs Powell will share further details closer to the date.

CHRISTMAS CONCERT – We will celebrate our Christmas concert on Friday 2nd December. Parents provided feedback to our Leadership Team and class teachers that they prefer the staggered sessions times to assist them with seating and attendance. We will also enjoy our Performing Arts performances throughout the concert. We will send a schedule of performances to assist parents with arranging their attendance as soon as possible.

TRANSITION DAY – On Tuesday, 6th December, all our students will be attending our whole school transition day. This will give our students an opportunity to meet with their 2023 classroom teacher and fellow students. On this day, we ask that our current Kindy Maroon students also attend school from 8.30am- 2.45pm  to meet their 2023 Pre Primary teacher and fellow classmates. We have found that this day will relieve concern around the beginning of the 2023 school year.

WOW WEEK – I hope you have all enjoyed a ‘Week of Wellness’. On Wednesday, we celebrated the Faction Patrons at St Peter’s. The students had time to learn, listen and collaborate with their buddies and participate in whole school faction games. This WOW Week Wednesday celebration of our Faction Patrons will become an annual event where we celebrate our Dominican history and all we aspire to be through our Faction Patrons.

I believe God wants us to be successful….and yet success is not always obvious.

The Chinese bamboo tree does absolutely nothing- or so it seems for the first four years. Then suddenly, sometime during the fifth year, it shoots up ninety feet in sixty days.

Would you say that bamboo trees grew in six weeks, or five years?

I think our lives are akin to the Chinese bamboo tree. Sometimes we put forth effort, put forth effort, and put forth effort…and nothing seems to happen.

But if you do the right things long enough, you’ll receive the rewards of your efforts.

Ciao and keep smiling

Pina Hutcheson

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