Newsletter – Friday 1 May 2020

Message from the Principal

Loving God, at the beginning of this new term help us to keep the Easter message in our hearts
and to give witness to it through our lives.

As a Resurrection people, we always set our sights on hope for the future.
When all seems dark and uncertain draw our attention to the rising of Jesus your Son.

When we reflect on the challenges brought about by COVID-19 guide us to celebrate the new growth
that is being cultivated in us by working together as a Christ-centred, student focused community of learning.

Open our eyes to the new and exciting opportunities that this new term will bring.

Dear Parents and Guardians

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone! We begin this term with our teachers facilitating the teaching and learning program with our amazing students at home or at school. We are committed to parental choice and equality for all learners. These are certainly unprecedented times and I thank you for your support of your children and encouragement and acknowledgement of our outstanding staff.
Our class teachers are calling every family in the school and they have truly appreciated your feedback and affirmation of their efforts.
We now look forward to the challenges of Term Two and ask God’s blessing on our combined efforts to help our children grow towards God’s vision for them.

We cannot in these unprecedented times, forget to acknowledge our ANZACS, as many did from their driveways at dawn last week. The message of sacrifice, unity and commitment to others is certainly pertinent at this time in our lives.
We will also acknowledge on Facebook and our website the amazing mothers in our St Peter’s community. Please look out for these acknowledgements before we celebrate our mothers on Sunday 10th May.

Our staff are missing the vibrancy and excitement of having all our students at school and we are looking forward to the time, hopefully in the not too distant future, when we will see a full return to our physical school site by all our students.
In the meantime, we will continue to offer our students the very best teaching and learning opportunities possible, whether they are at school or home.
Once again, I thank you for your support and encouragement of your children and the St Peter’s team!

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay United!

Pina Hutcheson


Please see below for our gallery of photos from our first week back!