Newsletter – Friday 26 October 2018

Message from the Principal

All Saints Day celebrated on 1 November is dedicated to all the Saints of the Church.
For Australians, the canonisation and example of St Mary Of The Cross MacKillop
have particular relevance but saintly models such as Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul
and the recently canonised Oscar Romero (Oct 14) point us to Jesus
and inspire us to seek His spirit in our own lives and circumstances.

Loving God,
May I live in the strength and hope of the life, which Christ gives.
As I go about my work and life may your Spirit go with me.
May my work be a vehicle for Your love.
Be with me,
Show me how to love and forgive, show me the art of service.
Draw to the surface of my life the saint within me.

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

NEW PRINCIPAL – Next Tuesday, we will welcome Pina Hutcheson to our St Peter’s community for the first time. I congratulate Pina on her appointment as the Principal of
St Peter’s. Pina will attend the Kindy Information night as part of the visit and will be introduced to the parents who have a child starting Kindy in 2019.
MASS FOR GRANDPARENTS – I once again remind you of the Mass for grandparents being held at 10am on Sunday in our St Peter’s Church. The children are encouraged to invite and accompany their grandparents to the Mass. The Mass will include a blessing for grandparents and it acknowledges and honours the special place grandparents play in the lives of our children. I thank Marina Powell and the choir members who will lead the singing at the Mass.
CHURCH GARDENS – We have been advised that children have been running through the Church gardens after school and damaging the foliage. If  you collect your child from outside the Church, please speak to them about being respectful around the Church and surrounding gardens.
INTERSCHOOL ATHLETICS CARNIVAL – I congratulate the members of our St Peter’s Athletics team for the endeavour and spirit with which they competed in the various track and field events at the Interschool Athletics Carnival held yesterday. It was a delight to watch but what was even more impressive was the support they gave each other and their sportsmanship with fellow competitors. There were many successes to be celebrated not the least of which was the desire that each of our children showed to do their very best. Through the combined efforts of the team, we won the Carnival for the second year in a row! Well done to the entire team and a huge thank you to
Alison Miles for all the hard work and preparation she put into making our St Peter’s team a huge success! Thank you to Rhiannan Eva and Liam McAlister for being our Captains and to Vivienne Litton-Laborde, Flynn Mahony and Justin Lim for being our Vice Captains. For more information, please click here – Interschool Athletics Carnival
WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY – On this World Teachers’ Day, I applaud and celebrate the many ways our St Peter’s teachers contribute to the positive growth and development of our St Peter’s students. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful dedicated team who spend tireless hours meeting the many demands that are part of the role these days and go well beyond the expected to keep provide a rich set of learning opportunities, meet the diverse learning needs of our students and through their everyday interactions nurture the well being of the children.
I take this opportunity to thank the many parents and the class parent representatives who have gone to a lot of trouble to thoughtfully show appreciation to our St Peter’s teachers.

God Bless

Greg Ward