Newsletter – Friday 21 September

Message from the Principal


Believing with all my heart that you
Believe in Me

Noel Davis 

Dear Parents

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL – I take this opportunity to congratulate the students on the wonderful spirit they demonstrated in their participation at the Athletics Carnival on Thursday. There were great examples of children doing their very best, enjoying the friendly competition and encouraging others in their efforts. A special thank you to Alison Miles with the support of our staff for the preparation of the children and the superb organisation of the Carnival program.
I thank the students from SEDA who helped out with Field Events last week and the many volunteer parents who helped out with the Track and Games Program this week.
I appreciated the large number of parents who came along to create a wonderful atmosphere for the children to take part in their events. A very successful day due to the
co-operation and support of all.
Congratulations to SIENA on winning the Athletics Carnival Shield for 2018 and to VERONA for the extra cheering and support they gave to their fellow team members.
More results are further along in this newsletter.

CANTEEN – In order to maintain the viability of the Canteen and to be able to sustain the operation of the canteen service in the school, an assessment of the menu and price list has taken place, as part of an overall review. The prices have been held at a constant level for a few years with the canteen breaking even. This is no longer the case due to ever rising costs.
I thank Laura Antenucci for the great work she does to ensure the canteen runs efficiently while providing a nutritious and balanced canteen menu. Please note the new price list (that has been uploaded to the website under Canteen) will be effective from the start of Term 4. Please click here to preview – Canteen Menu 2018
Please note that ordering of lunch items at the Canteen will be solely online in 2019. Recess and lunchtime snacks can still be purchased with cash.

FIRST DAY OF TERM 4 / SUMMER UNIFORM – I look forward to welcoming students back for the start of Term 4 on Monday 8 October wearing their correct summer uniform with pride. A reminder that predominantly white trainers should be worn as part of the uniform policy.

NAPLAN – All students who participated in the NAPLAN tests last term will be bringing home an individual report of their results today.
NAPLAN individual student reports provide information about what students know and have achieved in the areas of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. They also provide information on how students have performed in relation to other students in the same year group, and against the national average.
If you have any questions regarding your child’s NAPLAN results, please make a time to see the classroom teacher.

END OF TERM – It has been a busy, productive and rewarding term. A sample of work completed in Term 3 has been sent home in the student portfolios. I encourage you to spend time reviewing the work, celebrating the learning before setting new goal and challenges for next term.
Have an enjoyable and safe holiday and may we be blessed with fine Spring weather to take delight in outdoor activities during this time away from school routines.

God Bless

Greg Ward