St Peter’s School derives its strength from truth and honesty with God, and one another. As we strive to model the love of Jesus, our teaching and learning will reflect the needs and interests of individuals and the community.

The aim of this Evangelisation Plan is to lead individuals within the school community into a personal relationship with God and, from this, into the community of faith. To achieve this, we evangelise by bringing the good news of Jesus into every human situation by the way in which we live and the example we give.

  • The Evangelisation process at St Peter’s is based on Living Witness in words and actions that reflects a Christ-like presence and love of others.
  • It is about proclaiming the Good News in the same ways that Jesus did through striving to be a good school and teaching children to integrate Faith, Life and Culture, nurturing in all children.

Evangelisation is everything we do that introduces, promotes, develops and gives witness to faith. It means bringing into fuller consciousness and into the practical life of the school what we are really on about. To evangelise is to be willing to share the good news about God with others. Evangelisation is about taking the risk to care for all people, inviting them to share in a Christian community in which they come to know God more fully, and in which they form a deeper relationship with God so God becomes central in their lives.

Pina Hutcheson