Dear Parents and Caregivers

At 3.30pm this afternoon, Friday, 4 March 2022, Department of Health (WA Health) provided updated advice in relation to quarantine requirements for parents and family members of students deemed to be close contacts.

Effective immediately, parents and family members are no longer required to quarantine with a child who has been identified as a close contact to a COVID-19 positive case. This advice also applies retrospectively to any parents and family members who are currently in quarantine, subject to them adhering to all of the WA Health advice Child identified as a close contact information

One parent or caregiver may still need to miss work or work from home to care for their child while in quarantine. The rest of the household, including brothers and sisters, who have not been identified as close contacts, can attend work or school.

The household should adhere to the recommendations for careful symptom monitoring and other precautions noted in the attached information provided by WA Health Child identified as a close contact information

The close contact must still quarantine.

If symptoms consistent with COVID-19 are experienced, symptomatic persons should get tested immediately.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay United!!

Kind regards

Pina Hutcheson
4 March 2022