Covid -19 – Child identified as close contact information

Covid -19 – Child identified as close contact information

Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19 Updates 03.03.22

COVID 19 Updates

Covid 19 Update – 25.02.22

17.02.22 – Covid-19 Weekly Updates

St Peter’s Primary School Weekly Updates!

Latest guidelines for CEWA Schools – 09.02.22

Latest guidelines for CEWA Schools – 09.02.22

COVID-19 UPDATE 08.02.22

COVID-19 UPDATE 08.02.22

COVID 19 Communication – 28.01.22

COVID 19 Communication – 28.01.22

Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements for 2022

Important information regarding Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements for 2022.

School Assemblies and Class Masses

Dear Parents and Caregivers

With the recent announcement from the Premier, we now await Phase 5 on Saturday 15th August.

Once an announcement has been made on Saturday 15th August, we look forward to our students presenting their class assembly items to a parent audience.

As soon as the Premier’s announcement takes place, we will inform our community of our assembly timetable.

Until the pending announcement, we will continue with Merit Certificates and Person of the Week Certificate assemblies with staff and students only. We will also continue with Class Masses until the Premier’s announcement.

Of course this is always dependent on the information shared by our Premier on Saturday 15th August.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together for the safety of our students and staff.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay United!!

Kind regards

Mrs Pina Hutcheson

27 JULY 2020


Dear Parents and Caregivers

UPDATE COMMENCING WEEK 7 – Monday, 8 June 2020

KISS AND DROP – As per Mr McGowan’s address on Friday, 29 May, many restrictions are being relaxed and lifted. Parents are able to drop off and pick up. However, they are not allowed to enter classrooms or gather, to ensure the 2m2 rule is maintained and with only a 100 people gathering outdoors.

Therefore, commencing on Monday, 8 June, we plan to return to our pre-COVID-19 “normal” pick-up and drop-off arrangements and procedures. (For your information and convenience, I have attached the procedures for our drop-off and pick up arrangements.) Please click the link DropOffZonesInstructions2019

Although we are planning on returning to our “normal” pick-up and drop-off arrangements, we have received feedback from parents who have enjoyed witnessing the resilience and independence of their child/ren (particularly in the younger year groups) and would like to maintain the drop-off procedures, especially for our Pre Primary students. Therefore PP – Year 6 are able to be dropped off from 8am.

Gates will open at 8am and students will not be supervised before this time. Our “goodwill” duty commences at 8am to 8.15am for our PP – Year 6 students, who will gather in the undercover area until they are dismissed to go to class at the 8.15am bell. It is preferable that they remain there without their parents.

Our Pre Primary students will be escorted to class by a member of staff for an 8.30am start.

Kindy doors will also be opened at 8.30am for an 8.45am start to ensure no parent gatherings take place outside the classrooms.


PARENT HELPERS – We are able to resume our Parent Helper rosters as long as we limit numbers and adhere to physical distancing and hygiene protocols. Class teachers will make arrangements.

COLLECTING STUDENTS FROM SCHOOL DURING SCHOOL HOURS – If you need to collect your child(ren) for an appointment during school hours, it would be appreciated if you would advise the classroom teacher by email. Your classroom teacher will then send your child(ren) to the front office at the time advised by you.

If you need to collect your child(ren) unexpectedly during school hours, please telephone the front office on 9338 9900 and we will arrange for your child(ren) to be sent to the front office.

This arrangement will negate the need to have non-school staff and students on school grounds unnecessarily.

Please note the School Administration Office will re-open from 8am on Monday, 8 June.

DRINK FOUNTAINS – Our drink fountains were opened this Tuesday. The cleaners are cleaning the drink fountains after recess and at the end of each day. Hopefully, this will lighten the children’s bags.

TEAM SPORTS – Contact sport and training are now permitted. With regard to training access, please ensure that one representative from both the Netball and the Basketball Committees makes bookings through Mr Brennan –
Please note due to no large gatherings on school grounds, parents as spectators are still not permitted to attend training sessions. Team Coach and Managers will be allowed to attend.

ASSEMBLIES AND CLASS MASSES – Due to continuing restrictions on gatherings of up to 100 people only, we will be unable to assemble as a community at this stage and will continue with our online Assemblies until directed by the Premier. We will begin our class masses in Term 3.

SACRAMENTAL PROGRAM – Mrs Chris Neville, our Sacramental Co-ordinator, will communicate with you once further decisions have been made and dates have been finalised.

REMOTE LEARNING FEEDBACK – It would be very much appreciated if you would take a moment to complete the survey which was sent to you via both the newsletter and SMS. We have truly appreciated the feedback.

PUPIL FREE DAY – We will now revert to our school calendar for PD days. Please make note that Monday, 20 July (Term 3) is a Pupil Free Day.

REPORTS AND PARENT – TEACHER INTERVIEWS – As per last week’s newsletter, the COVID-19 report has been outlined. In our next newsletter, we will outline SEQTA login details for the release of reports in Week 10.

We will also be offering Parent Teacher Interviews for PP – Year 6 on Wednesday, 1 July, commencing at 11am.
Please ‘Save The Date’ and note it is a normal school day.
Kindy interviews will take place in Term 3.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support. We look forward to further easing of restrictions in the near future so that we can once again gather together as St Peter’s community.

Kind regards

Pina Hutcheson
4 June 2020