Dear Parents and Caregivers

As per previous updates, we will provide a weekly update on events on the School Term Planner in relation to the latest WA Health guidelines.

Week commencing – Monday 21st February 2022

  • Tuesday 22nd February 2022 – P&F Meeting will be held online. Details how to join in this meeting will be sent soon.
  • Friday 25th February 2022 – Assembly – Merit Assemblies will continue via TEAMS. Year 6 Leaders will run our assembly via TEAMS. Children will remain in their class groups, the Merit Award will be announced by Leadership, and the Merit Award will be handed to the student in the classroom. A photograph will be sent to the proud family and TRUE awards will be announced. Performance assemblies will be postponed until these settings change.

    A reminder that Masks are mandatory whilst on school grounds and gatherings of parents on school sites should be avoided. Therefore at Drop Off and Pick Up, we cannot have groups of parents gathering outside classrooms.

Should a family member or a student within our school test positive for Covid-19, you will be guided by WA Health as to testing and isolation protocols. They will inform you to notify the school immediately. Please be advised that this is kept in strict confidence and from there, the school will enact our 6 Step Covid-19 Response Plan.

We thank you in advance for your support in keeping our community safe.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay United!!

Kind regards

Mrs Pina Hutcheson

17 February 2022