Welcome to Term 4! We are looking forward to another brilliant term together.

Religious Education

In Religion, this term, we will be covering the units; Lots of Learning and Prepare.

Lots of Learning: Identifying ways Jesus used his learning gifts to help others and how we can use our learning gifts to help others.

Prepare: We will be exploring how people prepare for the birth of Jesus and how people can show love as they help to prepare.


This term, the children will continue to develop their Speaking and Listening skills. There is equal value in both Speaking and Listening and children will be assessed on both areas. The children will continue to strengthen their reading behaviours by developing their fluency, phrasing, word attack skills and self-monitoring. We will expose the children to a range of comprehension strategies; Inferring, Main Idea and Summarising. The children will be exposed to informative and persuasive texts with a continued focus on a well-structed sentence.


This term, we will be covering the following concepts; Subtraction, Fractions, Chance, Length and Capacity. The children will continue to develop their number fluency to count forward and backward from any starting point and locate numbers on a number line. They will continue to connect number names to quantities and numerals. The children will continue to develop their problem-solving skills by using concrete materials to model authentic, real-world problems. The children will be provided with opportunities to describe how they solved simple subtraction stories, and to build upon their known strategies using Doubling, Building to Ten, Bridging to Ten, counting forward and backward (when subtracting three or less) and Partitioning.


This semester, the children will investigate the concepts of Continuity and Change by exploring how their family life has changed or remained the same, and how the present is different to the past.  The children will learn to gather different types of information and data through books, people and photographs. They will communicate their personal narrative to others and represent their changing understandings in multiple ways; through drawings, written text and digital technology. They will be provided with opportunities to create Family Trees, Time Lines and Thinking Tools, such as Y-Charts and Venn-Diagrams.


In Health, this term, we will be continuing to incorporate the mandated curriculum from the Keeping Safe program. This term we will focus on ‘Recognising and Reporting Abuse’ where children will be exploring the concept of personal space, correct anatomical names of sexual body parts, the whole body being private and appropriate and inappropriate touching. We will be exploring physical activities that can take place in natural and built settings in the local community. We will be continuing Friendship Friday.

Digital Technology

In Digital Technology, this semester, children will be learning about common digital systems and explore ways to organise and manipulate text, images and audio to create meaning and present the information using simple digital systems. Digital platforms that we will be exploring are Seesaw, PicCollage and Microsoft Word. Children will have opportunities to be creative using code. Coding is a fundamental skill whereby children use problem solving skills to create their own interactive stories and games. Children snap together graphical programming blocks to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. Coding platforms that we will be exploring are the Bee-Bot, Scratch Junior and Tynker.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday 31st of October: World of Maths Incursion

Friday 2nd of November: 1B Assembly and 1W Mass (in the Church)

Thursday 6th of December: Year 1 End of Year Excursion (TBC)

Friday 7th of December: Christmas Concert (dress requirements TBC) and Final Assembly

Further reminders…

Please refer to the Spelling, Sentence Construction, Maths and Reading outlines in the children’s Homework Book.

Thank you for your continued support.

Year One Team