Pyjama Day

In readiness to write our own recounts, Year One Maroon took part in a language experience that we like to call… ‘Pizza, Popcorn & Pyjama Day’.

It was the perfect day for Pyjama Day when God blessed us with a cold and rainy day. We arrived to school with our favourite soft toy and took selfies with our friends. We sat in small groups and spoke to our friends about our soft toys. We got the opportunity to make our own morning tea with Mrs Dickson. Yes! That’s right…Popcorn! At 12 noon, we were blessed with piping hot pizzas, made with love, from our very own Mr Franchina (Aaliyah’s dad) from Mario’s Pizza. What a great way to spend our lunch together, eating delicious pizza and watching a movie whilst listening to the pouring rain.

This day had set us up to write a fantastic recount.