Selamat siang! (Good afternoon)

I wish to congratulate all students for a successful 6 weeks of Term three.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you have studied hard and produced some wonderful work. “Bagus sekali!”

Only just recently, our year two students have been cleverly loading their animals into “Bahtera Nuh” (Noah’s Ark). In the next few weeks “Si Kancil dan Buaya” (Mousedeer and crocodile) will be taking centre stage in our classroom. The mousedeer is a famous character in Indonesian fables. Nowadays, the mousedeer is one of the endangered animals in Indonesia.

Si Kancil dan Buaya (Mousedeer and crocodile)

Bahtera Nuh (Noah’s Ark)








The latest exciting news from our year three to Year six students is having the opportunity to practice their new vocabulary, listening, reading, writing and speaking Indonesian using Quizlet and Language Perfect. As a result … students are more confident and feel natural speaking in Indonesian with peers in or out of the classroom.

So please parents, carers or caregivers… encourage and support your children in Indonesian. Just imagine.. Things are cheaper and people are friendlier when you speak the lango!

Salam hangat! (Warmest regards)

Ibu Harding