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Our core purpose as a school is to inspire our students to learn, achieve and to serve in truth. There is a striving to see beyond appearances to greater realities and true happiness. We are looking for each of our students to accept each challenge and complete each task successfully. As a school community, we are providing each of our children with an education that builds a platform for success.

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Newsletter Issue 14 - 19 May 2017

CONFIRMATION - This year in the St Peter's Parish, Confirmation will be celebrated at the 6.00pm Mass on 27 May, the 10.00am Mass on 28 May and the 10.00am Mass on 11 June. While the ordinary minister of Confirmation is a Bishop; it is common, usual and valid that the faculty of conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation is granted to a Parish Priest. This year our confirmation candidates will receive Confirmation from Fr Jeronimo. Our Year 6 students complete their preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation with a retreat on Tuesday. I ask the community to join me in praying that the Holy Spirit helps each of them grow in their relationship with God, to live in His influence and to use His gifts to direct and guide their decisions.

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